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Channel 4 explores every stage of the adoption process in 15,000 Kids and Counting

C4 The Decision

Tonight at 9pm, Channel 4 presents the first in three programmes looking at the entire adoption process as it gains unprecedented access to social workers, foster carers birth parents and adopters.

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Teenagers from rough backgrounds are offered a second chance in Jockey School

Jockey School Channel 4

As us Brits prepare for the Grand National, and the regular sweepstakes that go with it, Channel 4 airs a documentary at 10pm that concentrates on youngsters who one day may be competing in the prestigious race.

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Adrian Edmondson learns about the Bridlington fishing industry in the latest Ade at Sea

Ade Edmondson

This week, Ade Edmondson travels to Bridlington to learn about the town’s historical fishing industry and how its recently turned to shellfish to survive.

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Invasion of the Jobsnatchers: BBC3′s social experiment programme is a mixture of tired cliché and good intentions

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Dr George McGavin explores the wonderful world of primates in BBC1′s Monkey Planet

George Gavin

In a wonderful new three-part series for BBC One, zoologist Dr. George McGavin will be exploring the world and looking at the amazing similarities between ourselves and other primates.

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Channel 4 goes blue for Autism as it announces Born This Way & Embarrassing Bodies Live from the Clinic

channel 4 logo

Channel 4 will join the ‘Light it up Blue’ campaign today in a bid to raise the profile of World Autism Awareness Day and the start of Autism Awareness month.

The move will see Channel 4 HQ and its iconic Big 4 being bathed in blue light and that’s not all.

To coincide with the campaign, bosses have also announced new series Born This Way which will feature leading children’s medic Dr Ravi Jayaram and Embarrassing Bodies star Dr Dawn Harper as they work with families who believe their children may be suffering from undiagnosed autism, ADHD and other conditions.

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Nigel Farage- Who Are You?: Martin Durkin attempts to get to know the man behind the headlines

Nigel Farage

It’s fair to say that a few years ago nobody knew who Nigel Farage actually was. But now, for better of for worse, he’s one of the leading figures in British politics.

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Our Gay Wedding- The Musical: Stephen Fry introduces a very special ceremony that occurred on Saturday

Our Gay Wedding

To celebrate Saturday being the day in which same-sex marriage became legal in England and Wales, Channel 4 is airing footage from one of the many ceremonies that took place.

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Our Gay Wedding: The Musical – Benjamin Till & Nathan Taylor in new VIDEO

Nathan Taylor & Benjamin Till

Yesterday, on the first day that gay marriage was legalised in Wales and in England, committed couple Benjamin Till and Nathan Taylor married in the most extraordinary way.

The lovebirds have been waiting to make their love official for years and to celebrate they wrote their own musical and staged it as they married.

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Time Team: Fans call for Mick Aston Time Team Tribute DIG episode!

mick aston

A Campaign to bring back Time Team for one last dig in memory of Mick Aston has seen nearly five thousand fans signing an online petition.

Aston, who passed away last June, was a pinnacle part of the historical dig show which was cancelled in 2013, despite an uproar from its viewers.
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The Dambusters’ Great Escape: Patrick Bishop explores the sinking of the Tirpitz by the British

Secret History

In a new Secret History documentary, Patrick Bishop examines just how the German battleship Tirpitz, was sunk by the 617 ‘Dambusters’ Squadron and 9 Squadron.

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Two exuberant personalities collide when Joanna Lumley meets!

Joanna Lumley

Tonight on BBC1 at 10:35pm, two larger than life personalities collide when Joanna Lumley is invited to get to know in his L.A. home.

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The Hotel Inspector: Alex Polizzi dismayed with Waterhall Country House Hotel, Crawley


The Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi returns to our screens tonight, with another investigation into a failing British hotel.

This week the renowned hospitality expert pays a visit to Waterhall Country House Hotel, Crawley, as she aims to turn it’s fortunes around and work out what the main problems are in preventing the establishment from becoming a profitable venture.

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Adrian Edmondson journeys round the Thames Estuary in tonight’s instalment of Ade at Sea

Adrian Edmondson

Ade Edmondson’s waterway journey of Britain continues as he learns about the importance of the Thames Estuary both as a world-famous trading route and as a passage to the largest deep-sea super port in the country.

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Learn the extraordinary story of John Wildley in Channel 4′s Mayday: The Passenger Who Landed a Plane

Mayday Channel 4

This new documentary tells the extraordinary tale of 77-year-old great-grandfather John Wildey who landed a plane single-handedly despite having no flying experience.

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