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The Apprentice review: Nurun Ahmed fired! Sarah Dales acts up & Katie Bulmer-Cooke shines!

Lord Sugar Nick and Karren

Lord Sugar has always maintained that the motivation behind the tasks he sets on The Apprentice is to judge how his potential business partners will cope in a number of different situations. Whilst I understand the importance of seeing how well they can sell, buy and create products; I’m not sure how having them make candles really helps his Lordship in determining their suitability. I had this thought whilst watching Lindsay, Sanjay, Nurun and Solomon painstakingly creating their team’s candles and I wondered why Lord Sugar couldn’t lay on a number of experts to do the manual labour for them. It later appeared as if creating the candles was actually detrimental to the candidates’ survival in the competition as a few of them were accused of hiding out in the laboratory.

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Former Corrie star Gwen Taylor reveals battle with cancer, and guilt over pal Lynda Bellingham!

gewn taylor

Former Coronation Street star, Gwen Taylor, has revealed that she is battling cancer.

This news comes just days after Loose Women star and national treasure, Lynda Bellingham, lost her battle with terminal bowel cancer on Sunday.
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Christopher Biggins reveal heartbreak after news of Lynda Bellingham’s death breaks!

lynda bellingham

Following the news this morning that Loose Women star Lynda Bellingham lost her battle with terminal bowel cancer yesterday, today’s episode of the hit ITV chat show was always going to be an emotional one.

As expected news of Lynda’s passing took centre stage, with her co-stars all paying tribute to the star, as well as featuring an emotional message from Lynda’s life-long friend, Christopher Biggins.
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Lynda Bellingham’s farewell Loose Women show days before death (PICTURES)

lynda bellingham loose women 1

In light of the sad news this morning that Loose Women star Lynda Bellingham has lost her fight with terminal colon cancer, it has been revealed that she has filmed one last episode of Loose Women, due to air on Wednesday.

The Sunday People reported that Bellingham, who was first introduced to us in the 80’s as the mum of the famous Oxo family, received a standing ovation from the audience as she took her place on the panel to film this Wednesday’s lunchtime episode of the hit ITV chat show.
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Uh oh! David Tennant’s in trouble because of his Virgin ad again!

david tennant virgin ad 1

The war between digital television providers continues and Sky has had a Virgin advert banned from broadcast, after complaining that it was misleading to customers.

‘So what?’ we hear you cry. Well, it was an advert which starred David Tennant, which we think you will agree changes things somewhat!

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The Apprentice Episode 2 review: Scott McCulloch & Nurun Ahmed struggle to lead their teams (Spoilers)

Nick Karren Lord Sugar

What I like about The Apprentice is the way in which characters who were initially portrayed as the programme’s strongest fade into the background as the series progresses. The best example of this has to be Steven who was initially presented as a hot-headed irritant who was set to cause chaos for his teammates. But, to my surprise, Steven and former project manager Felipe hardly featured in an episode in which Team Summit struggled to find a leader.

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Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson to be burned at the stake as part of hall of shame bonfire effigy!


Ah, it’s nice to see that whilst the BBC are happy to let Jeremy Clarkson repeatedly get away with murder, the public are not as frightened of the eggshells that surround him!

The Top Gear presenter has been making headlines for years with regards to his controversial and derogatory remarks, usually racist ones we hasten to add, with nothing but official warning after official warning coupled by a few half-hearted apologies to come from it all.
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Apprentice 2014 Episode 1 Review: Chiles Cartwright’s t shirt drama as Steven & Sarah stand out!

Apprentice 2014 candidates

“I Walk the Walk, I talk the talk and I dance the dance.” “I’m not better at business because I’m good looking I’m better at business because I’m better at business.” “I’m going to come in and smash the competition before they even realise I’m there.” Hearing people in business suits uttering these outrageous claims must mean only one thing, The Apprentice is back for its tenth series. I for one am a big fan of the show and watching the candidates boast about their prowess got me excited for the new run. However, even I have to admit that the one big change to the format doesn’t quite work in the way the producers probably thought it would.

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The Paedophile Hunter: Ex-partner of suicide victim slams the show!

paedophile hunter 1

The recent and controversial Channel 4 documentary, The Paedophile Hunter, has certainly taken the nation by complete storm…

In case you have yet to see it, The Paedophile Hunter followed vigilante Stinson Hunter in his quest to rid the world of sexual predators by posing as underage children to entrap them into exposing their possible criminal intentions, has received a very diverse response from the public.
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The Paedophile Hunter: Stinson Hunter receives £15,000 in donations to support his cause!

paedophile hunter 1

Following the mixed reactions that controversial Channel 4 documentary, The Paedophile Hunter, received, it would seem that those of you in favour of it were really, really in favour of it!

So much so that between you, over £15,000 worth of donations has been received by Stinson Hunter for his cause…
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The Paedophile Hunter documentary trends.. Biggest Twitter reactions & what was your verdict?

paedophile hunter 1

Last night Channel 4 braved a storm as it aired a controversial documentary about a vigilante in his quest to rid the internet of paedophiles.

The Paedophile Hunter featured Stinson Hunter (possibly not his real name) as he, along with the help of some friends, set up honey traps for such criminals, gathering evidence about their preferences and intentions, before handing them over to police and posting a video of them confronting the paedophile with the evidence online for everyone to see.
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Lynda Bellingham’s heartbroken husband is preparing for her death & Loose Women tribute

lynda bellingham

READ: Lynda Bellingham dies days after final Loose Women appearance was announced

Following the news that Loose Women star Lynda Bellingham has decided to stop treatment for her terminal bowel cancer next month, meaning that she most likely only has months, possibly weeks, to live, her heartbroken husband, Michael Pattemore has revealed his devastation over the tragic situation.

Lynda Bellingham has been entertaining us on TV for decades, first of all as the Oxo mum of the 80’s whose string of commercials were almost like a mini soap to us all, and more recently in shows such as Calendar girls and presenting on ITV chat show, Loose Women.
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Holly Willoughby gives birth to “perfect” baby boy – Celebs send congrats!

Holly Willoughby pregnant with baby Belle in 2011

Ah isn’t it lovely to have news of a new baby birth to start the day with?

Well, that is precisely how we are kicking off your morning, with news that This Morning and Celebrity Juice presenter Holly Willoughby has given birth to a “perfect” baby boy!
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24 Hours in Police Custody: Channel 4’s latest fixed-rig documentary makes for compelling viewing

DC Martin Hart

Channel 4’s fixed rig documentaries have produced some of their most critically acclaimed programmes and have additionally shone a light on the brilliant work done by Brits in a number of professions. The Educating series has shown how far teachers go to make sure every pupil succeeds, whilst the staff of the NHS have been positively showcased in 24 Hours in A&E.

Last night, 24 Hours in Police Custody shone a light on the staff at Luton Police Station as they work against the clock in order to either charge or release those they’ve arrested.

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John Barrowman reveals he was a mess filming new Channel 4 pet show!


He may be an established actor, but John Barrowman has revealed that his latest project required no fake tears!

The former Doctor Who and Torchwood star is about to hit our Channel 4 screens for his new pet show, The Small Animal Hospital in which he will film the goings on inside the Glasgow University vet school.
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