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CCTV: Caught On Camera – Southampton tower block residents under constant surveillance


CCTV: Caught On Camera begins a new three part series on Channel 4 tonight, and opens with a look behind the scenes of 19 tower blocks in Southhampton.

The council owned properties are continuously monitored by CCTV cameras and patrols and some residents feel that their privacy is being invaded on a daily basis, but is that justifiable if it’s improving safety and cutting crime in the area?

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Breadline Kids: 14 year old Becky makes AMAZING Manga strip about food banks

becky breadline 1

14 year old Becky is one of three young people featured on tonight’s Channel 4 special Breadline Kids.

The teenager is a hopeful artist who currently lives with her younger sister Rosie and their mother in Hull. Trying to live on just £1.20 a day was proving impossible for the family, so they turned to a local food bank for help and on tonight’s show Becks opens up about visiting the facility for the first time.

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David Beckham Into The Unknown: Dave is TERRIFIED in the jungle! VIDEO

David Beckham Into The Unknown 8

David Beckham is set to star in a one off documentary for BBC One this evening and it’s fair to say, the dad of four doesn’t come off as much of a hard man during the TV special.

Cameras followed the football star as he journeyed, with a camera crew, through the Amazon rainforest recently and he isn’t best pleased with some of the creatures and dangers that he encounters during his trip.

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Mark Evans and Joy Reidenberg learn how elephants mate in Born in the Wild

Born in the Wild - Elephant

Tonight at 8pm, Channel 4 debuts Born in the Wild; a series that follows veterinary surgeon Mark Evans and comparative anatomist Joy Reidenberg as they explore how different animals make babies.

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Kate Humble & Simon Reeve go Inside the Inferno to learn more about Australia’s wildfires

Inside the Inferno

Tonight at 9pm on BBC2, Simon Reeve and Kate Humble explore the terrifying phenomenon of Australian wildfires, which affect the lives of millions of people every year while causing tremendous amounts damage and even deaths.

The programme was filmed in the aftermath of one of the most devastating bushfire seasons the country has endured in over a decade. Temperatures rose as high as 45 degrees, and some blazes have gathered such huge momentum, they’re equal to the size of Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh combined. Read more & comment »

Philippa Forester visits her husband Charlie Hamilton-Jones in the latest I Bought a Rainforest

Bought a Rainforest ep2

Tonight at 9pm on BBC2, we catch up with Charlie Hamilton-Jones who is now fourth months into his project to preserve the rainforest. However, we’ll see that Charlie continues to be despondent and frustrated that squatter Elias won’t leave his land.

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Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch helps re-enact D-Day & it’s rather emotional

benedict cumebrbatch d-day

This weekend was a very proud day for everyone in Britain as we celebrated the 70th anniversary of D-Day, which was a pinnacle movement in helping the Allied Forces win the Second World War

D-Day is the general term for the Operation Neptune attack which took place on the beaches of Normandy on 6 June 1944, which will forever go down in history as the largest seaborne invasion of all time.
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Burning Desires final: Peter Taylor examines the future of the tobacco industry

Peter Taylor

BBC2 airs the concluding instalment of Burning Desires tonight at 9pm as Peter Taylor explores the future of the tobacco industry.

With the rise in e-cigarettes it seems that conventional cigarettes could be on the way out. But campaigners fear that electronic devices are just a smokescreen to prevent people seeing the real harm that the tobacco industry is still causing.

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Silver Service Employment Agency: Mary Portas & her pensioner army hit Channel 4

Mary Portas

Mary Portas returns to Channel 4 tonight at 8pm as she decides to get Britain’s over sixty-fives back to work. She sets up an employment agency which deals exclusively with finding jobs for our country’s pensioners.

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24 Hours in A&E: Linden vs trampoline & Sammy needs a translator!


24 Hours in A&E continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 4 with this episode focusing on 15-year-old Linden who has badly cut his leg whilst back-flipping off a shed roof onto a trampoline.

Although his friends called the ambulance, they also filmed the incident on their mobile phones and delight in showing it off to the A&E’s staff. However Linden’s mother is less impressed and hopes that the experience will teach her son to be more careful in the future.

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Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum tell Alan Carr about kinky gay dare!

21 jump street

Well Alan Carr, Chatty Man, is in for a treat this Friday as he is let in on a kinky dare involving Hollywood stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.

Now we all know that the camp chat show host is not one to shy away or get embarrassed easily, but even he looked a little taken back when, during filming for the latest instalment of the Channel 4 series, Jonah revealed that as a forfeit for losing a dare against Channing – who recently admitted in an interview with GQ that he drinks too much and that he is a high-functioning alcoholic – he has to kiss the manhood of his 21 Jump Street co-star.

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Good Morning Britain: Susanna Reid fears poor ratings could ruin her career!


With talks of Good Morning Britain being axed after just one month, host Susanna Reid is reportedly worried about the effect it could have on her career.

Susanna was at the top of her game this time last year, being the proud and well respected head of rival breakfast show BBC Breakfast, and proving so popular that she landed a spot on Strictly Come Dancing as a result.

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Welcome to Rio: Gangs, drugs, World Cup 2014 & the Olympics!

Welcome to Rio

BBC2 continues its exploration of the Brazilian capital tonight at 9pm with a look at the gang-controlled world of the favelas. These areas, where drug trafficking is rife, are under attack from the government special forces who are keen to keep them clean in the run up to the World Cup and the Olympics.

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Secret Life of Babies, ITV1: Drowning, crawling & why babies LOVE sweet food!

Babies - Sam

ITV airs the second of their undercover documentaries tonight at 9pm as we learn what its like to be a baby from their perspective. We learn about a baby’s preference for sweet foods, the fact they’ll have crawled 70 miles by the time they’re two and their natural ability to swim.

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A Very British Airline review: BBC2 present an eye-opening look at British Airways staff!


I’ve often been surprised just how much I’ve enjoyed BBC Two’s fly-on-the-wall documentaries. One of the charms of these sorts of programmes is that they take us into a world that some of us will never experience. For example 2012′s Inside Claridge’s gave us a look inside the luxurious hotel with rooms that would remain out of most of our price ranges. Conversely, last year we saw Iceland Foods receive a similar treatment as we learnt how the company got their meals so cheap and discovered why the store’s employees enjoy their jobs so much. Tonight British Airways is the next company to go under the microscope in A Very British Airline which looks at every aspect of the company. The documentary focuses on everybody from the Chief Executive down to the Engineering Staff whilst at the same time shows us just what trainees have to go through in order to become members of the B.A. cabin crew.

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