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Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman leaves BBC, joins Channel 4!

jeremy paxman

Former Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman has confirmed reports that he will be leaving the BBC behind and heading to Channel 4, where he’ll host coverage of the 2015 General Election footage next May.

The journalist and presenter has always worked for the Beeb, but it appears that he is ready for a change and will soon be dipping his toe into new waters.

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John Barrowman reveals he was a mess filming new Channel 4 pet show!


He may be an established actor, but John Barrowman has revealed that his latest project required no fake tears!

The former Doctor Who and Torchwood star is about to hit our Channel 4 screens for his new pet show, The Small Animal Hospital in which he will film the goings on inside the Glasgow University vet school.
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Paul O’Grady cried over worst case of neglect in For The Love Of Dogs, Battersea Dogs Home!

soldier for the love of dogs paul ogrady

Dog lovers beware – Tonight’s episode of Paul O’Grady: For The Love Of Dogs will have you reaching for the tissues as the show features the worst case of neglect yet at Battersea Dogs Home!

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home found Soldier, a Lurcher starved to near death, roaming the streets with such a bad case of sarcoptic mange (similar to scabies) that he could not be put into the kennels at the admirable pet charity as it was highly contagious to both dogs, and humans.
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Educating the East End review: Jenny Smith takes the lead in Frederick Bremer

Ms Smith

There’s no denying that one of the TV highlights of last year was Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire. The documentary, which shone a light on the good work that our teachers do on a daily basis, was honoured with a BAFTA nomination and a National TV Award. Due to this success nobody was overly shocked when it was announced that a third school would be chosen to be part of a new Educating series. That school in question was Walthamstow’s Frederick Bremer School who face the pressure of living up to their predecessors in Educating the East End.

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Opinionated Katie Hopkins piles on 3 stone for obesity documentary!

The Katie Hopkins Project

Controversial loud mouth, Katie Hopkins, has reportedly gained an extra 3 stone in weight in order to gain first-hand experience of obesity for a new documentary series.

Obesity is not a subject that Katie, who deliberately tries to shock everyone with every word that escapes from her overworked mouth, has held back on in the past – So we can imagine many people will be lining up to throw some of her own criticism back at her when they see her new image!
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Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll could be the next Sherlock!

Mrs Brown's Boys

We’re more used to seeing him dressed as a woman and making the entire planet laugh as iconic comedy matriarch Mrs Brown, but it seems that there is no end to Brendan O’Carroll’s talents.

The star, who writes the hit BBC comedy as well as starring in it alongside a cast made up mainly of friends and family, has taken part in a recent episode of BBC family tree show, Who Do You Think You Are, during which he actually solved a murder mystery…

Watch out Benedict Cumberbatch!
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Our World War: Theo Barklam-Biggs shines in BBC Three’s innovative documentary drama

Our World War BBC3

When I was at school, the only way that most teachers would get teenage pupils interested in World War One was by showing episodes of Blackadder Goes Forth. So knowing that the teenage demographic is the hardest to reach, the BBC have tried something different during their coverage of The Great War.

Using the techniques that made the BAFTA-winning Our War so engaging, BBC Three have conjured up a trio of episodes that they hope will make more children interested in learning about the conflict.

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Great British Bake-Off 2014 review: Claire’s in tears & Diana’s chocolate mousse!

Bake-Off S5

In the middle of the grounds of Welford Park in Berkshire, 31-year-old speech therapist Claire starts to break down in tears, adding that she doesn’t know why she’s crying over cake. Claire’s tears come following criticism over her chocolate orange Swiss roll and in particular her arbitrary use of cream. This ludicrous situation means only one thing, The Great British Bake-Off is back for its fifth series.

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Dispatches: Supermarkets: The Price Of Cheap Food sneak peek


The way we shop is changing. For years the four main supermarket brands dominated our shopping, but following this era of unrelenting growth, millions of us are now deserting the big supermarket stores in favour of the big discounters and online delivery.

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Kids and Guns returns to Channel 4 – VIDEO

Kids and guns on Channel 4

Channel 4 is repeating it’s controversial documentary ‘Kids and Guns’ this evening, at 10.55pm.

The show caused quite the reaction when it first went out and tonight we revisit America, to look at the controversial right to bear arms for all citizens and the issues residents face as a consequence.

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Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped – Low salt, jellied eels, Gin & Tonic examined!


Food Unwrapped returns to Channel 4 this evening and in the latest episode Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbutt continue their journey around the world to investigate what goes on with the food we eat.

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Long Lost Family – Inge & Jeremy’s remarkable story with Davina McCall, Nicky Campbell


Long Lost Family returns to ITV tonight with the fourth episode of its most recent series, with presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell.

Tonight the episode takes a new slant, as a daughter searches for her father and the team try to get to the bottom of Inge & Jeremy’s story.

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Jon Snow’s emotional appeal for Gaza children goes viral VIDEO

jon snow

Please note: The following article contains images, video and content that you may find upsetting

Veteran journalist Jon Snow recently made what was evidently a traumatic visit to war torn Gaza, and while reporting on the conflict for Channel 4, Snow met with some of the youngest victims of the horrendous violence…

And the video that he made, which details some of the terrible atrocities that are being visited upon the most innocent, has gone viral on the internet, and understandably so, given the intensely moving nature of his report. Read more & comment »

Former Doctor Who star John Barrowman defends gay kiss at Commonwealth Games!


Former Doctor Who and Torchwood star John Barrowman has defend his actions at the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games, which are being held in Glasgow, earlier this week.

The star, who recently revealed his plans to try to start a family with his husband, snogged another man to prove a point against the 42 countries (out of 53) taking part who still held homophobic laws.
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Dragons’ Den host Evan Davis replaces Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight

evan davis

Following the news that Jeremy Paxman, who has presented Newsnight for the past 25 years, has stepped down from his iconic post, it has been confirmed that Dragons’ Den star, Evan Davis will be replacing him.

Davis, who is the presenter for the BBC venture-capitalist programme Dragons’ Den, as well as The Bottom Line, a business conversation show for BBC Radio 4, is expected to stand down from his other Radio 4 commitment, the Today Show, in order to host the popular current affairs show.
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