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John Hurt, Olivia Coleman, Alison Steadman and more to star in new WW1 ITV drama series!

john hurt

Doctor Who version 8.5, The War Doctor, John Hurt has signed up to star in a new WW1 drama series on ITV.

The Great War: The Peoples Story, produced to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1, will feature Broadchurch star Olivia Colman narrating this special four part series. Actors such as Hurt, Alison Steadman, Daniel Mays, Claire Foy and Brian Cox all take part in an episodes dedicated to telling the personal stories from those involved in The Great War, brought to life from libraries and archives.
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Brand New House for £5K! Linda Barker works her magic on Channel 5!

linda barker

Channel 5 is set to launch a brand new budget DIY show, Brand New House for £5K tonight and after reading that title, we’ll definitely be tuning in.

Let’s face it we all dream of hiring a team of professionals with an unlimited budget to turn our tired four walls into the house of our dreams, but with the cost of living increasing by the second, unless we win the lottery the visions of our dreams remain exactly that.
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Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole – Peter, Marie & Mandy have supersize families & homes!

Benefits Britain: Life on the Dole EP2

Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole returns for it’s second instalment this evening and it’s fair to say, it’s no less shocking and gasp inducing than the previous episode, which we guess is exactly the reaction the programme makers were going for.

They’re keen to let us know that more British people than ever before are living on benefits currently and tonight we meet with some of the nation’s largest families who depend entirely on the benefits system for their income, their food and their homes.

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Susanna Reid, Kate Garraway & Ben Shephard in hilarious Three Lions spoof!

good morning britain

Well, Good Morning Britain is no stranger to disappointment, having far from met the expectations of our nation since the ITV breakfast show was first launched a few months ago, so they can relate to our national football team who have also failed to bowl us over in important international football tournaments since 1966.

It seems only right then that the two underdogs of England join forces to try and raise our spirits in this current World cup!
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The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins: BBC Four looks at dolphin / human sex….sort of


BBC Four is taking us on a rather unusual journey tonight as it delves into the romantic and sexual relationship between animal researcher Margaret Howe Lovatt and the dolphin she was sent to study. Who needs football, eh?

The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins is due to air tonight at 9pm and will take a look at the unusual study which Howe Lovatt made of a dolphin named Peter, who she admits to having a slightly sexual relationship with. The mind boggles.

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Horizon: Where is Flight MH370? Horizon investigates tonight on BBC2

flight mh370 1

On the 8 March, 2014, a scheduled passenger flight from Kuala Lumpar to Beijing lost contact with air traffic control less than an hour after take-off, Flight MH370 has not been seen since.

The flight, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, had 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 14 nations on board when it seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet, making it one of the biggest aviation mysteries of all time.
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My Granny The Escort: Phillip Schofield says he was ‘propositioned’ by Sheila Vogel-Coupe!

phil schofed alan carr

When the recent Channel 4 documentary My granny The Escort hit our screens last month, it took the nation by storm, but it wasn’t the first time we had seen one of the mature working girls on TV!

Sheila Vogel-Coupe made headlines back in 2010 when she was exposed as an escort by now defunct News Of The World after being tricked into a meeting with a man she believed to be a potential client.
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Street Kid World Cup review: This inspiring tale reveals a different side to football

Street Kid World Cup BBC3

Anybody who knows me knows I’m not a particularly big football fan and I find the so-called beautiful game fairly uninteresting. The upcoming World Cup fills me with dread primarily as they’ll be little on the TV to watch for those who aren’t interested in the tournament. However tonight’s BBC3 documentary Street Kid World Cup changed my mind about the sport as I saw how it brought together youngsters who’d previously had a tough time fitting in. The programme follows young teenage girls who are currently living in care homes or with foster carers after being taken out of their family homes. These girls make up the England team who are taking part in a special tournament in Brazil that is exclusively made up of players who either live on the streets or away from their birth families.

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David Beckham Into the Unknown review: The footballer opens up & takes a Michael Palin turn in Brazilian travelogue

David Beckham

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months you can’t fail to have noticed that the World Cup is imminently upon us. As somebody who isn’t particularly a football fan I approach this time with dread, mainly as there won’t be much on television for me to watch over the next month. Even before the event starts properly on Thursday, each channel has been hyping up the coverage with plenty of sport-related programming. One such example of this is tonight’s David Beckham Into the Unknown, in which the retired footballer heads to the host country of this year’s World Cup, Brazil. But instead of just staying in the city, David wants to experience the rainforest himself and so sets about planning a biking trip that ends with a visit to a remote tribe.

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CCTV: Caught On Camera – Southampton tower block residents under constant surveillance


CCTV: Caught On Camera begins a new three part series on Channel 4 tonight, and opens with a look behind the scenes of 19 tower blocks in Southhampton.

The council owned properties are continuously monitored by CCTV cameras and patrols and some residents feel that their privacy is being invaded on a daily basis, but is that justifiable if it’s improving safety and cutting crime in the area?

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Breadline Kids: 14 year old Becky makes AMAZING Manga strip about food banks

becky breadline 1

14 year old Becky is one of three young people featured on tonight’s Channel 4 special Breadline Kids.

The teenager is a hopeful artist who currently lives with her younger sister Rosie and their mother in Hull. Trying to live on just £1.20 a day was proving impossible for the family, so they turned to a local food bank for help and on tonight’s show Becks opens up about visiting the facility for the first time.

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David Beckham Into The Unknown: Dave is TERRIFIED in the jungle! VIDEO

David Beckham Into The Unknown 8

David Beckham is set to star in a one off documentary for BBC One this evening and it’s fair to say, the dad of four doesn’t come off as much of a hard man during the TV special.

Cameras followed the football star as he journeyed, with a camera crew, through the Amazon rainforest recently and he isn’t best pleased with some of the creatures and dangers that he encounters during his trip.

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Mark Evans and Joy Reidenberg learn how elephants mate in Born in the Wild

Born in the Wild - Elephant

Tonight at 8pm, Channel 4 debuts Born in the Wild; a series that follows veterinary surgeon Mark Evans and comparative anatomist Joy Reidenberg as they explore how different animals make babies.

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Kate Humble & Simon Reeve go Inside the Inferno to learn more about Australia’s wildfires

Inside the Inferno

Tonight at 9pm on BBC2, Simon Reeve and Kate Humble explore the terrifying phenomenon of Australian wildfires, which affect the lives of millions of people every year while causing tremendous amounts damage and even deaths.

The programme was filmed in the aftermath of one of the most devastating bushfire seasons the country has endured in over a decade. Temperatures rose as high as 45 degrees, and some blazes have gathered such huge momentum, they’re equal to the size of Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh combined. Read more & comment »

Philippa Forester visits her husband Charlie Hamilton-Jones in the latest I Bought a Rainforest

Bought a Rainforest ep2

Tonight at 9pm on BBC2, we catch up with Charlie Hamilton-Jones who is now fourth months into his project to preserve the rainforest. However, we’ll see that Charlie continues to be despondent and frustrated that squatter Elias won’t leave his land.

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