Falling Skies season 3 spoilers: NEW poster unveiled – “Battle them or become them”


A brand new promo poster for the forthcoming season of Falling Skies has today been released, and it appears the eye bugs are really taking over.

The brand new poster sees an overly large version of the eye bug we’ve all become accustomed to seeing, taking the formation of the spine, as though it is invading the body.

As we know, once you have been infected with an eye bug, they take over, and you have no idea what you’re doing. The poster also contains the tag line: “Battle them or become them”.

Over the last week or so, TNT has been pushing out some rather creepy and disturbing promo videos, with focus on the infamous bugs that lunge into your eye. Once they’ve had enough of you, they creep on out and move onto someone else.


A few days back, TNT released its latest promo video which takes the formation of a Contact Lense TV advertisement for a company called ClearGaze.

The voiceover says: “One day Clear Gaze contact lenses. Exceptional comfort for an exceptional you – you won’t even notice they’re there” – but it appears it isn’t the contact lenses you have to be worried about.

The actress in the video looks down into the wash basin to see her eye is bleeding, she falls to the floor and out creeps the eye bug that has been taking over her body.

The promo video isn’t the first of its kind either, as last week, the network lifted the curtain on another video which brought together all the creepiest, nightmare-inducing clips it could in just one minute.


Toward the end, we saw how the bug that infected Hal toward the latter end of season 2 is treating him – and it isn’t going well as we see black discharge coming from his eyes, ears and mouth.

As we saw last season, Anne pulled an eye worm out of Tom’s eye which was helping the rebels locate the 2nd Mass. In the finale of season 2, Karen gave Hal a kiss with the cliffhanger of how the eye worm is going to change him. In season 3, we will see how the eye worm works its wicked ways on Hal.

Falling Skies season 3 kicks off on June 9th on TNT.


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