Family Guy: Seth MacFarlane explains decision to kill off Brian “never take those you love for granted”

by Nick Barnes

Brian Griffin Family Guy

It has been a bit of a rough ride for Brian Griffin over the past few weeks, not least because he got killed off a few weeks back.

Then, last night came the Christmas miracle of the series – Brian Griffin was brought back to life by none other than Stewie. However, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has taken to Twitter to explain why the decision was taken kill Brian the other week.

Taking to Twitter, MacFarlane who is generally a controversial character explained the reason behind the decision was a rather sentimental one.

“And thus endeth our warm, fuzzy holiday lesson: Never take those you love for granted, for they can be gone in a flash… I mean, you didn’t really think we’d kill off Brian, did you? Jesus, we’d have to be f**king high.

“Oh and hey… thanks for caring so much about the canine Griffin. He is overcome with gratitude”.

Brian Stewie Griffin Family Guy

Of course, Brian Griffin was killed after being hit by an out of control car a couple of weeks back and his injuries were that extensive he died at the vets. However, last night the show brought the beloved canine back to life.

Vinny (the new dog) tried to cheer Stewie up on last night’s episode by acting intellectual, arrogant and pompous… like Brian. He even agreed to take Stewie out to do some festive shopping.

Whilst at the mall, Stewie saw another kid that looked like him and he remembered that he travelled forward in time to pick up a Christmas present in advance. He knew that this was a chance to make his Christmas wish come true.

He got Vinny to help him get into the time machine from his past and used it to jump back to the point of the accident. Stewie raced out into the middle of the road and pushed Brian away from the car, essentially saving his life.

So there you have it, a nice little lesson to be learned for the Christmas period.