Family Guy Spoilers: Brian Griffin is brought back to life! It’s a Christmas miracle…

by Nick Barnes

Brian Stewie Griffin Family Guy

This article may well make your Christmas when I tell you that Brian Griffin is alive!

Yes, that’s right, Brian Griffin returned to Family Guy last night following the massive backlash by fans a couple of weeks ago when the dog was killed off.

However, don’t think that this wasn’t all part of the plan. Family Guy episodes are planned, written and animated around a year in advance, so Seth MacFarlane knew exactly how the audience would react.

Last night saw the Christmas episode of Family Guy and Stewie only had one wish… for Brian to come home. It’s safe to say that Stewie and Brian had a brilliant relationship and he and the new dog didn’t get along too well.

For those of you that didn’t see the fateful episode a couple of weeks back, Brian was hit by an out of control car and passed away at the vets in the same episode due to his extensive injuries. Stewie had dismantled his time machine a couple of hours before, which subsequently meant the infant couldn’t go back in time and stop the accident from ever happening.

Brian Stewie Griffin Family Guy

But… in the laws of time travel, there’s always something mysterious going on that we will never be able to get our heads around.

Vinny tries to cheer Stewie up by acting intellectual, arrogant and pompous… like Brian. He even agrees to take Stewie out to do some festive shopping.

Whilst at the mall, Stewie sees another kid that looks like him and he remembers that he time travelled forward to pick up a Christmas present in advance. Now that his time machine is no longer withstanding, Stewie spots this as the chance for his Christmas miracle to come true.

He gets Vinny to help him get into the time machine from his past and uses it to jump back to the point of the accident. Stewie races out into the middle of the road and pushes Brian away from the car, essentially saving his life.

A few loopholes have been raised from our very own Gerard on, but to be honest, they just confuse the life out of us.

In the original timeline, Stewie was outside the house when Brian was knocked down by the car – as was the whole family, actually. The anomaly in this case is that the family would have seen Stewie coming back to save Brian’s life. Which would have got messy…

Are you all happy that Brian is now back on the show? It’s looking like it’ll be a permanent fixture, unless they kill him off again!