Family Tools Season 1 pilot: Jack steps up as the manager of his father’s hardware shop


We all love a good sitcom and we’re hoping Family Tools will deliver as its pilot episode airs this evening. We have all the details you need to know as Jack steps up to take over his father’s business. However, with his sub-standard past, everyone is waiting for him to fail.

Family Tools is based on British sitcom, White Van Man and is also co-created by Adrian Poynton – the man behind the original British series starring Will Mellor.

The series follows a man who’s had a streak of bad luck in the past from enlisting in the Army to flunking out of seminary three times. However, when he returns home, he has the opportunity to take over his father’s hardware-handyman business due to his father being recently diagnosed with a heart condition.

However, the transition follows the usual line of bad luck as it isn’t easy keeping the business ticking over, especially as his father is keeping a watchful eye.

Kyle Bornheimer stars as Jack Shea, the main character with J.K. Simmons starring as his father, Tony Shea. Elsewhere, Johnny Pemberton stars as Mason McCormick, Edi Gathegi as Darren Bichette, Leah Remini as Terry McCormick and Danielle Nicolet as Stitch Bichette.

In tonight’s pilot episode, Jack has to show he has what it takes to run his father’s business. However, mixing family with business is never easy as Jack quickly learns. As his father hands over the keys to the business, Jack is eager to step up and make his father proud.

Unfortunately, Jack’s previous career attempts haven’t been stellar, so everyone is awaiting the first slip up. But with the support of his Aunt Terry and his oddball cousin Mason, Jack may have what it takes to run the business successfully.

Take a look at the official cast photos, below:

The pilot episode airs this evening at 8:30pm on ABC.