Fan fury as This Morning host Eamonn Holmes suggests a sex addict becomes a prostitute!

by Lynn Connolly

Yesterday, This Morning host Eamonn Holmes prompted an angry backlash from viewers when he suggested one of the guests on the show should become a prostitute.

Eamonn was interviewing self-proclaimed sex addict Crystal Warren, who told him that in her quest for nookie, she’d bedded over one hundred men, including one she’s picked up the night before the interview.

Crystal went on to say that because she spends so much time looking for – or having – sex, she can’t hold down a job.

So, the ever constructively helpful Eamonn said, “If you need this five or six times a day, have you never thought about making a business of it? Charging for it?”

A shocked Crystal replied, “What, becoming a prostitute?”

To which Eamonn said, “Yes, but I mean if you are not particularly selective, what I’m saying is, why wouldn’t it be a business to you?”

However, Crystal replied, “Then it becomes a business, then I become maybe like a robot.

“This way I am enjoying it, I do it when I want to do it, I get to choose who I sleep with.”

No sooner had the words slipped from Eamonn’s mouth than Twitter posters reacted angrily.

The Sun reports that TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh posted, “Omg !! Can’t believe eamon holmes just said to a sex addict on this morning ‘y dont you start a business , and charge for it !’ illegal !”

And another viewer tweeted, “Eamonn Holmes is disgusting! #EndOf”

Viewer HarryBradshaw added, “The awkward momentEamonn Holmes asks you why don’t you just become a prostitute live on TV. #thismorning.”

Doctor Thaddeus Birchard, from The Marylebone Centre for Psychological Therapy, which specialises in sex addiction, told the paper, “It was an irresponsible comment.

“It shows no understanding of the true nature of sex addiction, I meet people all the time whose lives are in disarray because of their sex patterns and people are very distressed by this.”

An ITV spokesperson said of the debacle, “Eamonn’s question was in the context of a wider balanced and frank interview and we have had no complaints.”

And of course, it’s by no means the first time Eamonn’s upset viewers. He recently told a rape victim, who’d been attacked as she walked home, “I hope you take taxis now.”

Now, I can well understand why people were put out by what he said to Hannah Cant – the brave rape victim who appeared on the show – however, at the risk of getting my virtual head blasted off, I can kinda see where Eamonn was coming from (pun intended) over Crystal…

I mean, football is a passion for footballers; it’s what they do in whatever spare time they get, and if they get good enough, they turn pro and get paid shedloads.

Isn’t this a similar concept? Turning what you love into cash money? Writers do it, actors do it, sports peeps do it…

In fact, if you want to get a tad deep about it, aren’t we all prostituting ourselves in some manner? Selling the use of ourselves – or parts of ourselves, such as feet for footballers, hands for surgeons – for a living?

Thoughts please!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.