Fifth Harmony talk how much they’ve changed and what One Direction have got them excited about

by Martin
Meghan Trainor co-wrote Fifth Harmony's single 'Sledgehammer'

Fifth Harmony

American girl group Fifth Harmony rose to fame after appearing on the second season of the X Factor in the USA and have gone on to be a huge success story.

The girl group won MTV’s Artist To Watch at the 2014 MTV VMAs and they are set to release their debut album, Reflection in January 2015 and they’re coming to the UK!

Fifth Harmony are set to come to the UK early next month for a special performance of their latest single on The X Factor and it’s something they’re looking forward to.

Camila Cabello has revealed to Hit The Floor that the culture, fashion, and the accents are all something she’s looking forward to experiencing during her time in England.

Fifth Harmony

One Direction have also been teasing the girls about restaurant chain Nando’s as they’re always talking about it, so it’s something they’re interested in checking out.

She explained: “I’m excited to go to Nando’s, I’ve heard so much about it from One Direction, not in person but from the internet when I used to watch their interviews all the time!”

“Coming to the UK has always been a dream of mine. I love British culture, the music that comes from there; the style, the people, the accents – everything.”

Cabello added: “I’m excited to meet the fans, really excited to perform on the ‘X Factor’ stage, which is like our home you know, and spend some time with Uncle Simon!”

Fifth Harmony

In the same interview with Hit The Floor the songstress spoke about how the group have grown and changed since they were put together on ‘X Factor’.

“The growth as individuals and as a group has been tremendous. I think since then, we’ve been through so much, so many obstacles and things we’ve had to face as a group.”

She added that talking has helped them quite a lot and it’s made them stronger as a group “because of where that bond has come from.”

Are you excited to see Fifth Harmony make their appearance on the X Factor next month? Check out the group in action below and leave your thoughts in the comments.