Fiona Phillips ‘working with husband caused massive friction’

Fiona Phillips has revealed that she will never work with her husband again.

Phillips worked as a ‘GMTV’ presenter while her husband Martin Frizell was editor on the show.

Phillips told Hello Magazine:

“One thing we definitely won’t be doing again is working together.

“It was only chance that we worked together at ‘GMTV’, and when he became an editor and I became a presenter it did cause friction, as I’ve got a natural, healthy disrespect of authority and he was making decisions that affected me and my colleagues.”

However, the pair are enjoying spending more time together since Fiona left the ITV breakfast show. She said:

“It’s great to be spending some quality time with Martin for a change. Yesterday we dropped the kids off at school and had a lovely late breakfast together, which was wonderful.”

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