First look at Beaver Falls episodes!

The lovely folks at E4 and Channel 4 have sent us a look at the first three episodes of Beaver Falls, and here are the details…

Episode synopses

Episode One – by Iain Hollands

Flynn, Barry and A-Rab arrive at Beaver Falls; A-Rab packing a broken heart; Barry packing a stash of weed; and Flynn mostly packing an insatiable desire to get laid as much possible, equalled only by the desire for them all to have a summer to remember.

When Barry meets gorgeous lifeguard Kimberley (Natasha Loring) and A-Rab appears to click with wholesome guidance counsellor Rachael (Kristen Gutoskie), it seems they’re all in for a good time.

But the threats to this summer mount up as they fall out with the jocks, fall out with their charges (known as the Chunk Bunk, for obvious reasons) and Flynn’s raging libido gets them all into some very hot water…

An irate Chunk Bunk do some digging on the Brits and what they discover threatens to bring the summer to an abrupt end before it’s even started. But when the Brits step in and rescue the Chunk Bunk from the wrath of the jocks an uneasy truce is formed. All is well, or well-ish. But a message from home reveals Flynn is hiding a secret.

Episode 2 – by Iain Hollands

July 4. The day America celebrates ridding itself of the tyranny of British oppression. It’s also the day Beaver Falls pulls out all the stops to put on its annual Independence Day Pageant. Only this year Flynn’s in charge, he’s cast the chunk bunk, and it’s got diplomatic incident written all over it.

For the Brits life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are very much the order of the day. A-rab is stealing himself to ask Rachael out, though when he finally does pluck up the courage things don’t exactly run according to plan. For Barry happiness takes the form of lifeguard Kimberley.

But his attempts to find a dealer, and keep his part of the bargain (swimming lessons in return for ogling opportunities and weed), are consistently thwarted. Until assistance comes from a very unlikely quarter – the only thing it’s going to cost him is his dignity…

Flynn’s interpretation of the Independence Day spirit leads to him getting caught by Rachael having sex on her desk. Through the ensuing confrontation he finally admits to her the secret he’s been keeping from everyone. Even Barry and A-rab.

Meanwhile there’s an intriguing new arrival at camp – Lily Meadows (Scarlett Patterson), the state governor’s daughter. She’s got trouble written all over her and her sights are firmly set on Flynn. But whose sights are set on her?

Episode 3 – By Jack Lothian

Open day – where the parents of our campers come to visit their precious offspring. It’s crucial for Bobby (Todd Boyce)and Pam that it goes smoothly as they’re desperate to tap up the parents for donations.

For the chunk bunk, it’s just another day of feeling like losers – their parents never usually bother to come…outta sight, outta mind. But Rick Jnr is in for a nasty shock when his estranged father, golfing legend Rick Traviata (Corey Johnson) shows up, eager to spend some quality time with his boy. It’s all entirely overwhelming for Barry, who has idolised Traviata ever since his first go on the best video game of all time (according to Barry) ‘Rick Traviata’s Extreme Golf’.

As the extent of the rift between father and son becomes apparent, an increasingly manic Bobby sees Traviata’s potential donation cheque slipping from his grasp and charges Flynn with mediating between feuding father and son. Possibly not the best idea he’s ever had.

Meanwhile, A-rab has girl trouble. He’s struggling to manage the aftermath of his first ever one night stand, while trying to handle Rachael in the midst of her first ever encounter with tequila, and things are going to get messy…

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