First look at Dexter season 7: Debra confronts her serial killer brother!

Dexter is on it’s way and today, Showtime have released a very revealing photo from the first episode of the new run.

In the shot, Debra is holding a gun on her brother, who she found out was a murderer in the season six finale. The police officer walked in as Dex was executing last year’s major bad guy Travis.

We had expected the opener to gloss over the revelations and Debra’s reaction, or at least leave us hanging for a while, wondering what might be coming next.

However, programme makers have dived right in and executive producer Scott Buck insisted that they were determined to deal with the big cliff hanger. He told Tv Guide:

“Viewers might think we shy away from that moment of Debra walking in and seeing Dexter stabbing into Travis’ chest, but it’s just the opposite. She now has to deal with what she’s seen and what she knows and it forces him to defend and define himself.”

Producer Manny Coto also revealed that they will be looking further into Deb’s very unsisterly longing for Dex that she had finally realised last season.

He added:

“Her feelings will have to evolve given that revelation, but they will be taken into account. We’re not shying away from those feelings of hers, either.”

Coto revealed that Deb’s discovery will be behind a variety of storylines over the next two seasons – as Showtime recently renewed the drama for an eighth run – and he continued:

“Debra has discovered, at the very least, that her brother is a cold-blooded killer. That is going to inform the next two seasons, or however many more seasons there are. For all intents and purposes someone knows who he is and Debra has a big decision to make: ‘Do I turn him in? What do I do about this? I’ve just seen him kill somebody.’ That’s the first thing we’re going to be dealing with.”

We have a few questions we’d like answered during the first episode. Will Debra find out how long Dex has been killing for? Will he come clean about all his victims? And will it destroy their relationship, or will she find a way to get past the revelation?

Fans still have a bit of a wait, with “Dexter” not due to return to US TV screens until September 30. Check out the first promo for the series and tell us, how do you think Debs will cope with the truth about her sibling? Leave your comments below…