First sexy Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch wont quit show – which is good as Mark Gatiss says he is irreplaceable!

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

Benedict Cumberbatch has been declared as the first ever “sexy Sherlock Holmes” by one of the men who brought him into the show, Mark Gattis.

According to the writer, who also plays Cumberbatch’s on-screen brother Mycroft Holmes in the hit BBC detective series, the part was made for Benedict, who he says bring just the right balance of unapproachability and lack of interest in sex to the part, making his wild and untamed persona more attractive.

Comparing him to Mr Darcy in the Jane Austin classic novel Pride & Prejudice, EntertainmentWise reports that Gatiss went on to say how it was characters like Sherlock that had the biggest appeal to audiences, because they simply weren’t interested in being attractive, adding:

“I think it’s that and the combination of the Byronic looks that Benedict has – and the coat! – that’s made him into, possibly, the first sexy Sherlock Holmes.”

Meanwhile the writer, who has just signed up to pen more Doctor Who episodes, insisted that, despite yesterday’s revelation that the fourth series wasn’t likely to hit our screens till 2016, both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are still more than happy to be part of the show, no matter how famous they get, and have no desires to quit anytime soon, adding to The London Evening Standard:

“Everyone wants to carry on doing Sherlock. It’s a simple matter of schedules – particularly Benedict and Martin.

“They’ve become superstars, which is brilliant, but we all want to carry on as long as we can.”

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Gatiss then went on to admit that it was the busy schedules of both Freeman and Cumberbatch, as well as his and Moffat’s jam-packed calendars that are preventing the new series being filmed, explaining:

“The will with those two is very much there. It’s just inconvenient that the actors we cast have gone on to become two of the most successful in the world, so it is difficult to get everyone back together, especially as my co-writer Steven Moffat and I are very busy too.”

Before adding that the show could not go on without either star, and that Sherlock would have to end of either of them decided could not be part of it anymore, as well as admitting that as their fame increases it is getting harder and harder to pin them down to make a new series, explaining:

“If Benedict went under a bus tomorrow it would be the end of the show. Benedict and Martin are our stars.

“We do three episodes a year and although people want more that’s all we can do.

“They are both so famous now it’s increasingly difficult to get them.

“Sherlock made Benedict a star and I know he is eternally grateful to the show, he wants to do more.

“Martin is similar too as he is in the Hobbit and he’s doing a new show in Canada with Billy Bob Thornton, a TV version of Fargo.”

Sherlock series 4 is due to hit our screens some time this decade, we hope, – Watch an interview with Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat discussing the new series of Sherlock in the clip below: