Five celebrities you didn’t expect to have degrees! Harry Hill, Russell Howard & more!

by Valerie Rivett

rowan atkinson
It’s no surprise that if you could have the ultimate pub quiz team, you’d want Stephen Fry, Prof Brian Cox and Brian May on your team…

But I bet you didn’t know celebrities are smarter than you think! Here are 5 celebrities you didn’t know where super smart!

1. Rowan Atkinson

The man who is best known for playing the loveable Mr Bean is actually ridiculously smart. Like seriously. The super talented actor has a Msc (Masters) in Electrical Engineering from Oxford. The actor, who is also the voice of ZAZA in well loved film The Lion King, is pretty handy when it comes to building and creating things. I bet Mrs Atkinson is happy to have him around when the fuse goes in a plug.


2. Harry Hill

The English funny man who is best known for making us laugh on You’ve Been Framed is actually a qualified Medical Doctor! He still remains on the General Medical Council’s list of registered medical practitioners but the TV Burp host decided medicine wasn’t for him and thank god! Where else would we get our laughs!


3. Russell Howard

The comedian who made his television début on Mock the Week isn’t just all laughs and giggles, he actually has a degree in Economics from the University of Bristol! Well you know what they say. Smart people are funny!

lisa kudrow

4. Lisa Kudrow

The actress who made fame by playing Phoebe Buffay in Friends actually did various research projects for Psychobiology. She initially wanted to follow her father’s interest in researching headaches before following her ambitions for acting. Turns out she did both.

chris martin

5. Chris Martin

The Coldplay front man actually has a degree in the most relevant of subjects. Greek and Latin! So as well as writing multi-million hits he’s also a fountain of knowledge. Well who knew.

Well there you go! Don’t go judging a book by its cover!

Listen to Coldplays song Atlas for Catching Fire here:

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