Five women claim Sir Jimmy Savile sexually abused or raped them when they were children visiting BBC studios

by Lynn Connolly

We reported earlier this year that in a new documentary about the late Sir Jimmy Savile, several women came forward to claim that the DJ and TV presenter was a paedophile who abused them when they were children.

And it’s now been revealed that further claims of that nature are set to be made in the film which is entitled, Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile. It’s set to air on Wednesday at 11.10pm on ITV1.

In the documentary, one woman alleges that Sir Jimmy told her he was her “keeper” and that there was “no escape” from his abuse of her.

Other allegations suggest that Sir Jimmy systematically groomed young girls for sex during the height of his fame, and that he told one victim that he wouldn’t rape her, but did.

One woman claims he “begged” her to perform a perverted sex act on him, while another says he always wore his trademark shell suits because they easy to remove as he assaulted his victims.

The Daily Star adds, “It is also claimed Sir Jimmy brazenly used BBC premises, where he worked on shows including Top Of The Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, to commit some of the alleged attacks.”

A woman who was given the pseudonym Val for the documentary claims he started molesting her when she was just 15 after she met him at the BBC in 1969.

She said, “I think people need to know that there was another side to him and it was quite a dark side.

“He was a predator really, a predator on young girls.

“The first time something happened he actually got me into…it was like an alcove in the dressing room and he pushed me back against the wall and then it was a hand up the skirt and touching me.

“He did it on various occasions in various places and it was always very quick, a quick fumble.

“When I was 16 one of these fumbles then turned into sex, full sex, which I didn’t realise that’s what was happening.

“He promised me he wasn’t going all the way – but he did. There was no foreplay, no romance, no taking off clothes.

“I’m sure it’s why he always wore a shell suit so he could just whip his elastic shell suit bottoms down very quickly.

“I look back and I think I was actually raped on that first occasion because I definitely didn’t know we were going to have full sex and I definitely said to him: ‘You’re not going to go all the way’.”

Another woman called Fiona, who claims Sir Jimmy groomed her from the age of 14, said, “The very first time he abused me it was actually in the back of his car.”

She went on to say that the abuse continued at BBC Television Centre after he invited the girls to watch his show Clunk Click.

She said, “He had an alcove in his dressing room that had a curtain over it and he would take you behind the curtain.”

She claims Sir Jimmy would make her sit on his knee while he “spun round in the chair” and “at, the same time he would be touching my breasts, he’d always have his hands down my knickers”.

Another alleged victim, Charlotte, recalls, “I sat on his lap and then the next thing I felt this hand sort of go up my jumper and on my breast.”

However, she adds that after “freaking out” she was taken away by two members of staff and told, “Uncle Jimmy does nothing but good for the school and he was just so wonderful”.

The list of allegations is seemingly endless, and of course, we’ll hear them all in the film, which is the culmination of an investigation by former detective Mark Williams- Thomas.

But of the film, Sir Jimmy’s niece Amanda McKenna, said, “The documentary makers should be ashamed of themselves cashing in on a man who is dead and cannot defend himself.”

It’s obviously going to be a shocking film. Will you be watching it?

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.