The Flash 1×06 spoilers: Girder is the villain of the week! Iris in danger? (PICS)

by Sarah Jones
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We’ve been a little concerned for Iris West as she’s been putting herself in danger by writing about the red streak – or as we most commonly know him ‘The Flash’.

However, as the latest meta-human hits Central City judging by these pictures, Iris herself is about to be right in the thick of things. Will she find out it’s Barry underneath that mask?

Meanwhile, Joe is set to reach out to Dr Wells regarding his investigation into Nora Allen’s death. Will he help?

So for all the latest on tonight’s episode head on inside…

What we know about tonight’s episode is that the writers will introduce a classic Flash villain in Tony Woodward aka Girder. If you’re not familar with the comics, Girder has the ability to turn himself literally into girded steel at will.

Greg Finley is set to appear as the DC villain and while the team remain concerned for Barry’s safety, Cisco is set to come up with a plan to take down Tony.

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While it’s unknown how Iris finds herself face-to-face with Team Flash’s villain of the week, it looks like her blog may have a big say in it. The synopsis says that her blog on The Flash will “get her into trouble” just like Barry feared. Perhaps Tony has tracked her down?

Meanwhile, Joe West, since discovering the truth about Barry’s powers, has believed him about what he said he saw the night of his mother’s murder, agreeing to reopen the investigation in the process. This week, Joe is set to go to Dr Wells for help in finding the truth about what happened that night. Wells always has an agenda so we can’t see him being very helpful. Hmm..

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Eddie is set to witness first hand Girder’s abilities and starts asking Joe questions he’s been trying to sweep under the carpet so far.

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