The Flash spoilers: The Arrow crossover begins tonight! All you need to know!

by Sarah Jones
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The Arrow/Flash producers have been teasing the 2 part crossover for a good while now, but we’re so thankful that the exciting event is finally heading to our screens. Over the next 2 nights, we’ll see Team Flarrow join forces with just a little drama along the way. There’s everything from failed superhero partnerships, a meta-human who can cause people to lose control of their emotions and more. How could you resist?

So for everything you need to know about part 1 “Flash vs Arrow” head on inside….

When we first heard that The Flash episode would be called “Flash vs Arrow” we did wonder whether these two masked superheroes would go up against each other and if so, why? It has been confirmed that Oliver, Diggle and Felicity will head up to Central City investigating the case of a deadly boomerang (which of course we saw the start of in the last Arrow ep). In the meantime, Barry and Oliver will team up to battle against the latest meta-human in Central City.

While Team Flash have battled some interesting meta-humans, this particular character Ray Bivolo can cause people to lose control of their emotions – he uses this to his advantage when robbing banks. However, while Barry is initially excited to team up with his friend Oliver, their budding partnership doesn’t quite go the way Barry initially hoped. When Oliver tells Barry that he has a lot to learn, Barry refuses to listen and tries to take on Bivolo by himself – becoming infected in the process. Can Oliver stop Barry before it’s too late?

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Caitlin and Cisco will be forced to deal with a brand new team in S.T.A.R Labs but both Joe and Dr Wells are in agreement that The Arrow is a bad influence on Barry – perhaps their opinion will change if Oliver can stop Barry himself? Strangely, Eddie will look into a task force to stop The Flash – which leaves his biggest fan Iris West furious.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store tonight. Remember to come back tomorrow for our preview for the Arrow part of the event! Let us know your thoughts on tonight’s episode in the comments below…

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