Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl say the band are happy to be beaten by Pink Floyd

by Martin
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Foo Fighters

American rockers the Foo Fighters recently released their eighth studio album ‘Sonic Highways’ to the world and while it’s only eight tracks long, it’s an amazing album.

However this week on the Official Albums Chart it’s likely the Foo Fighters will be beaten to the top of the chart, but British band Pink Floyd but Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl doesn’t mind.

So far on the Official Albums Chart Pink Floyd look set to claim the top spot with their latest release ‘The Endless River’ which has currently sold more than 92,000 copies.

Keeping up with this momentum – which they more than likely will heading into tomorrow when BBC Radio 1 will reveal who is top of the charts will also make the album one of the fastest-selling albums of the year so far.


However, for Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is more than happy to have Pink Floyd beat him and his band to the top of the charts.

Speaking at a media event earlier in the week, Grohl revealed that he has no regrets whatsoever about releasing their new album ‘Sonic Highways’ at the same time as Pink Floyd.

“Do I regret the last two years of my life? No! I mean if we’re going to take a Number Two to anybody, I’ll take it to Pink Floyd you know what I mean?” he explained.

He added that things could be worse and hopes people will realise because they’ve already got so much “and it’s really great” – they still get to make music and play huge shows and go home.

Foo Fighters eighth studio album is here!

Foo Fighters eighth studio album is here!

Grohl added that they then get to: “come back and do it all again so I don’t have too many complaints in life. It could be a lot f****** worse.”

The frontman continued to say that because they’re so busy in their own “f***** up little world” it’s not something they pay attention to adding that it’s more important that people go see them play live.

He went on to explain: “that’s where I think we’re at our best and we go out and play for three f****** hours and take people’s faces off its like you walk away from that like ‘Oh, that’s why I’m in a band.’ That’s why we do it.”

Earlier this week Foo Fighters confirmed plans to tour the UK on a series of dates next year with tickets going on sale next week. Find out more information by clicking here.