Food Unwrapped: Jimmy Doherty, Matt Tebutt and Kate Quilton find out what’s really in our favourite supermarket products


Matt Tebutt and Kat Quilton are joined by Jimmy Doherty for the second run of the food and science series that travels the world and lifts the lid on what’s really in our favourite supermarket products

Jimmy travels to the south of France and explores the specialist cheese cellars where mould is specially grown – to be eaten – before heading to Edinburgh to meet Britain’s leading mould expert. Using specialist microscopes, Jimmy gets a unique insight into mould taking hold of bread to find out the difference between mould that is safe to eat and mould that can contain one of the most deadly toxins known to man.


Next the team head to the Ukraine to find out exactly which part of a chicken makes a Chicken Kiev. In a factory that processes around half a million birds a day, Kate discovers that a surprising number of chickens could end up in a single Kiev. She also learns how left-over chicken carcasses are transformed into an unlikely food product.

Meanwhile, Matt is finding out how supermarkets can sell English summer apples in the middle of winter.

Food Unwrapped airs tonight on Channel 4 at 8:30pm

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