Former Corrie star Graeme Hawley loves his Love & Marriage role saying, “It makes a nice change from killing people!”

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Fans of Coronation Street will surely remember brilliant actor Graeme Hawley best for his role on the soap as serial killer John Stape, however, Graeme is back on our screens in a very different role for new ITV comedy drama, Love and Marriage…

And while speaking to The Sun’s TV Biz, Graeme’s revealed that he’s loving the change of pace that his Love and Marriage role as Martin offers him.

He explained, “I seem to have spent a lot of time killing people and being miserable over the years, so it was great to do this show…

“My character, Martin, is funny and I definitely want to do more comic projects.

“I’d love to do stand-up but I’m not brave enough. If I wanted to, I should have done it before now because being known as a character like John Stape would make performing comedy difficult.

“I do still get recognised because of John. People come up to me in the street and say, ‘Oh, you’re a wrong ’un, although it has died down a bit now. But they are never negative — they are always lovely.

“The weird thing about John as a character is that he was actually quite comic. I know he killed two people but he wasn’t a conventional cloak-and-dagger soap villain…

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“He was just a hapless guy who wanted a simple life.

“Everything that happened to him in Weatherfield bordered on the absurd.”

Love and Marriage, which airs on Wednesdays on ITV at 9pm, focuses on the chaotic lives of the Paradise family, who are left reeling when downtrodden mum Pauline (Alison Steadman) leaves her husband Ken (Duncan Preston) and embarks on a new life, unencumbered by the drudgery of her every day existence and her ungrateful family.

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Of his character Martin, who is Pauline and Ken’s youngest son – a primary school teacher who’s married to Michelle (Zoe Telford) – Graeme added, “I was drawn to the script because it’s a beautiful, heart-warming family piece — but it isn’t schmaltzy.

“The show is a very honest look at someone who is clearly good at being a dad and husband and loves his wife and children, but is prone to messing up — as we all are.”

He added, “The series shows that an apparently perfect marriage is always imperfect in some way.

“What makes a really good marriage is two people who are prepared to fight to put right what is wrong.”

Here’s a look at the show…

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