Former Corrie star Tina O’Brien reveals she may marry boyfriend Adam and have more children

Fans of Coronation Street will most likely recall that Tina O’Brien’s character Sarah Louise Platt left Weatherfield to begin a new life in Italy in 2007…

As Sarah, Tina won praise and awards for her portrayal of teenaged pregnancy when her character gave birth to a daughter, Bethany, aged just 13.

In real life, Tina also has a daughter, Scarlett, whose father is Ryan Thomas who of course plays the role of builder Jason Grimshaw. However, Tina and Ryan parted ways in 2009, but he regularly sees his daughter.

And today, in an interview with the Daily Mirror, Tina has revealed that she’s now happily dating personal trainer Adam Crofts, and the couple have discussed marriage and children.

Tina said, “Adam and I have been together for 18 months now and we’re incredibly happy…

“Meeting him and falling in love was just so unexpected. Adam is all of the things I want in a man.

“The weirdest thing was just a few weeks earlier I had been thinking, ‘I really don’t think I want a relationship, I’m quite happy on my own – but if I did want to meet someone I’d want X, Y and Z.’

“And then I met him! He is wonderful, very, very caring and supportive and he makes me happy.

“It’s hard to explain how special he is, but I know he’s got my back. And I fancy the pants off him too – which always helps.”

Tina added, “Do I want to get married again? Yeah, maybe…”

And when asked if she might have a brother or sister for Scarlett, who’s four in October, Tina said, “Yes, I would like that…

“Because I’ve got Scarlett, that conversation came up with Adam earlier than it might otherwise have done.

“He’s amazing with her and she thinks he’s the bee’s knees. So yes, I think we would both love that, but probably not anytime soon.”

Of her split from Ryan, Tina said, “There are times when it’s been quite difficult but I’m really fortunate to have my mum and dad and a brilliant family around me.

“And Ryan is unbelievably hands-on too, and [Scarlett] just loves being with him. He’s brilliant. Things are good.

“We have found a really nice way of doing things and Scarlett is really happy, which has always been the most important thing. She feels safe and secure.”

Finally, of the prospect of ever reprising her role as Sarah on Corrie, Tina said, “I was never approached so I think that was just speculation.

“They did ask me back once, but I’d just signed to do Waterloo Road so there was no way I could.

“I had the best eight years ever on Corrie, I loved it. But I had been there since I left high school at 16 and felt I had to go.

“It was all I’d known and I had to get out and experience the big wide world.

“But now that I’m older, yes, I would LOVE the opportunity to go back one day.

“Sometimes I think they could bring Sarah-Lou back but with a different face, played by someone else.

“That happens – but it would be awful!”

Here’s a reminder of Tina as Sarah on Corrie…

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