Former EastEnder Michelle Collins says Cindy Beale makes her “cringe” – But would still reprise role!

by Anna Howell
michelle collins

michelle collins

It seems rather an odd suggestion, given that her character was killed off years ago, but Michelle Collins has revealed that she would be open to an EastEnders return, despite her character Cindy Beale making her cringe!

Collins, who played the scheming cheat in the hit BBC soap on and off from 1988 – 1998, has made the bizarre declaration after releasing her autobiography upon finishing her time at rival ITV soap Coronation Street earlier this year.

However, despite admitting that she would return, in a one off spoof type sketch, she also admitted that she still cringes every time she watches a clip of herself playing Cindy!

Of course, this EastEnders who has brought more characters back from the dead than the Vic has served pints, so we imagine if the powers that be are interested they could always find a way!

Digital Spy have quoted the actress as saying: “I think it was 17 years ago she actually died, but they do tend to talk about her a lot – I suppose because Ian Beale is such a massive character, isn’t he?”


“I feel so far removed from it. Because I’m promoting the book, lots of people have been playing [clips] and it makes me cringe, actually. I think, ‘Oh my God, I was terrible, I can’t bear to listen to my voice!’ I can’t bear to watch it!

“I just think, ‘Oh, I wish I could do it all again now’. It was a long time ago and I just feel, ‘I’m not sure about that’. I am my worst critic, but I don’t like hearing the sound of my voice at all. Especially when she’s saying, ‘Oh Ian!'”

Would you like to see Cindy return? Do you have an imaginative way which could allow it to happen?

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EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm on BBC 1 / BBC 1 HD – Watch a clip of Collins as Cindy Beale below: