Former EastEnder Steve John Shepherd says kids run away crying when they see him!

eastenders michale moon murder 1

eastenders michale moon murder 1

He played one of the most villainous characters that EastEnders has ever seen, so it is no surprise that his legacy lives on.

Steve John Shepherd played Michael Moon, the cheating, womanising, manipulating, calculated attempted murder for just over three years, and in that time he gained quite a following of loathers.

But his dramatic departure, which saw Michael murdered by his wife Janine (Charlie Brooks) after a long and drawn out game of cat and mouse between them, Shepherd has revealed that it has been hard to shake the haters – Even children still run away crying from him in the street!

Shepherd, who is rumoured to be starring in the new series of Doctor Who as the iconic villain The Master when the show returns later this year with 12th Time Lord Peter Capaldi at the helm, discussed the situation in a recent interview with the Standard, in which he cryptically explained:
“There’s that Nietzsche quote about staring into the abyss and the abyss staring back at you. You do access the most tawdry recesses of your mind to pull this stuff out, to make it real,”


The actor then went on to reveal how he himself found it hard to shake Michael Moon, who got his own cousins wife pregnant, out of his system, adding:

“It took me a long time to get him out of my system. And even though to me he’s dead, people still recognise me all the time. Children run away from me, crying. Horrible, horrible.

“I suppose the flipside is they believe in me.”

Steve John Shepherd can be seen currently starring in a two-man fringe, Bombers Moon (how apt) in London’s Park Theatre this week.

Watch a clip of him in EastEnders action below!

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