Former EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison denies being a “disabled bay nicker”

A report earlier this week in The Sun claimed that while she was grocery shopping, Cheryl Fergison – who of course recently left EastEnders and her role as hapless Heather Trott – parked in a spot designated as parking for disabled drivers, however, via Twitter, she’s denied the story.

She also commented on the picture that the paper’s snapper took of her, which, as you can see is not a very flattering one.

Cheryl tweeted, “Whilst shopping last sunday. now for one thing I was told that it was no longer a disabled bay and for two that is one thing i hate myself. (sic)

“The pics as ever are very bad and are meant to make me out to be some miserable disabled bay nicker.

“But obviously i would not and did not set out to do this. So it seems to me the crime i really commited was to look fed up whilst shopping…”

And in a dig at how celebrities are made, and often broken by the media, Cheryl said, “Other countries look after their people, protect and encourage here we are simply allowed to build up and then try to destroy.

“The thing i like is the fact that although I am extreemly lucky and privaliged to be doing what I do I am as ordinary and norma as the rest.”

I have to agree, being norma is the way forward, but maybe Cheryl could consider brushing up on her written English skills before she – supposedly – goes into the Celebrity Big Brother house this summer…

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