Former EastEnders star Kim Medcalf says people still remember her as Sam Mitchell!

by Lynn Connolly

Although she hasn’t played the part of Sam Mitchell in EastEnders for six years, Kim Medcalf has revealed that people still stop her in the street and recognise her from the show.

Kim of course took on the role of Sam Mitchell from Daniella Westbrook who originally played Sam from 1990 to 1993.

In 1999, the show’s producers decided to reintroduce the character of Sam, and they once again cast Daniella in the role. However, her excessive abuse of cocaine had completely destroyed her nasal septum, so in order to hide this from the audience, Daniella was only filmed “in ways that would keep her septum hidden from view.”

Then, in 2002, Sam was re-cast and played by Kim until late 2005. Daniella yet again returned in 2009 and stayed for a year.

Soon after joining the cast of EastEnders, Kim was in an horrific car crash in France which left her needing several surgeries to repair her many broken bones.

Kim, who’s currently starring in musical Crazy For You, told Inside Soap magazine, “I’m still completely amazed that people know me from the show!

“The public often want to talk about Sam. I left six years ago, so it always surprises me that people might still remember me from that.

“But I suppose that’s the power of EastEnders, isn’t it?”

When asked what had been her favourite moments on EastEnders, Kim said, “My favourite moments on the show were all to do with the scenes involving Tracy-Ann Oberman [Chrissie Watts] and Michelle Ryan [Zoe Slater] during the infamous Dirty Den murder plot.

“We worked extremely long hours when that storyline was happening, but we all giggled our way through it.

“The three of us were the witches of Walford – and we loved every second of it!”

Here’s a clip of that classic scene…

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