Former EastEnders star Natalie Cassidy is terrified her ex will kidnap their baby!

Former EastEnders actress Natalie Cassidy has revealed that she’s terrified that her abusive ex, Adam Cottrell, will kidnap their baby daughter Eliza.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Natalie explained how she endured mental and emotional abuse, as well as physical abuse, from Adam before the pair split following his being found guilty of assaulting her.

At the time, Natalie was granted an injunction which prevents Adam from contacting her for two years.

Of her concern that Adam might one day attempt to take Eliza, Natalie said, “I don’t believe Adam would ever hurt Eliza, but I have to remember that things have happened with her in the room…

“What if, God forbid, one day he thought, ‘I miss her so much, I’m going to take her away’?”

Natalie also went on to reveal that Adam once came close to killing them all when he got angry and “drove like a maniac” with the baby in the back of the car.

She said, “That was really horrible. That was when I was worried about Eliza’s safety.”

She added that things got particularly bad after Adam had been drinking. She said, “He used to give me threatening looks when we were out in public. I’d just panic.

“He also used to call me names. Adam and alcohol don’t mix – he can fly off the handle.”

Having been found guilty last month of smashing a candelabra into a microwave and breaking several wine glasses, Cottrell was given 120 hours of community service and handed a restraining order to stop him seeing Natalie.

He has a weekly visit with Eliza, which is supervised by Natalie’s sister-in-law. And although Natalie has now officially dumped Cottrell, she confessed she is “still in love with him… but I hate him for everything he’s done”.

She added, “I still have feelings for him but I can’t see us getting back together because of everything that’s happened.

“I can’t believe Eliza’s not even past her first birthday and I’ve split from her dad.

“I thought he was ‘The One’. I tried to make it work but it just wasn’t a happy family unit towards the end.”

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