Former Emmerdale actress, Roxanne Pallett given all-clear after skin cancer diagnosis!

by Anna Howell
Roxanne Pallet


Former Emmerdale and Dancing On Ice star, Roxanne Pallett has revealed that she has been given the all-clear after battling a rare form of skin cancer.

The brunette beauty, who played battered wife Jo Sugden in the hit ITV soap, was reportedly rushed to hospital after discovering a small, discoloured mark on one of her breasts during a health check.

The actress underwent emergency surgery to have the mark removed after which she had to wait an emotional four weeks to find out whether or not the op had been a success.

Discussing the situation with The Sun on Sunday, Pallett explained:

“They were just hoping they had caught it in time.

“If they hadn’t and the cancer had spread then I would have needed further surgery and chemotherapy immediately.

“I refused to break down because there are people who are worse off than me and it would have been an insult to them.”

But they had got it just in time, but as the former DOI star explained, had they waited even a week longer she may have ended up losing her breast completely.


Luckily though this was not the case, and all that the star has been left with is an inch-long scar, but despite it being quite visible, Roxanne has opted not to have cosmetic surgery to hide it:

“My scar is just above the nipple by the bra line but I’m going to make a point about not having reconstructive surgery, especially considering the job I do.

“I thought being operated on and having a scar on your breast would mean you lose your femininity but you don’t. You feel more feminine because you feel more powerful as your body has won. Surviving and overcoming something is sexy.”

Roxanne’s strain of cancer was particularly rare, and the actress has vowed to work with specialists to help them with their research into it after being given the all-clear.

Watch Roxanne in Dancing On Ice action in the clip below: