Danny Miller says he has no time for love as he joins cast of Scott & Bailey, would consider a return to Emmerdale but would never do I’m A Celebrity?

by Anna Howell

Former Emmerdale actor, and current star of the supernatural thriller Lightfields, Danny Miller, has revealed in the build-up to his next big role in ITV detective series, Scott & Bailey, that he is planning on staying single for a while – 5 years to be precise!

Fans of Emmerdale will know that Danny won a string of awards, including a few for Best Actor, after his emotional and haunting portrayal of gay mechanic, Aaron Livesy, in the hit ITV soap, most notably for his dramatic and heart-wrenching storyline where his character aided the suicide of his tetraplegic boyfriend, Jackson Walsh (Marc Silcock).

Off-screen, the heartthrob was involved, on and off, with his Emmerdale co-star, Kirsty-Leigh Porter, but now that the relationship has ended, Danny insists that a new girlfriend would only act as a distraction in his skyrocketing career.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper the actor explained:

“Now I’ve left Emmerdale, I just want to focus on work.

“I had a girlfriend for a while, but I am certainly not looking at going in that direction for a long time.

“I’m very happy being single and staying like that.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m the same as every man. I enjoy female company and I’ve got a lot of girl mates, but I’m happy doing what I’m doing and concentrating on my work.

“I’m trying to get myself on the career ladder and all women do is distract us from that!

“I’m 21 and there’s plenty of time for girlfriends. I am just not ready to tie myself down with any kind of relationship yet.

“I’d rather just have a bit of a laugh with my mates and assess it in four or five years’ time.”

But it would seem that, despite the lack of date nights, Danny has more than enough to keep him busy, as fans will know having been watching his portrayal of Tom, the 1944 farm hand in Lightfields.

Lightfields is based on the story of a farm which, back in 1944 was host to a tragedy that claimed the life of the farmers’ young daughter, Lucy, and the effects that this event had on not just her family, but also the families that occupied the farm after as the ghost of the young girl remained ever present.

Discussing his Lightfields character, who is painfully shy, Danny explained how playing him is a complete contrast to that of Aaron, who was notorious for his confidence:

“Aaron was never shy of a confrontation with anybody, no matter how big or hard they were.

“But Tom is completely different — confrontation leaves him feeling sick.

“They are pretty much opposites in that way. That was 100 per cent part of the appeal for me.

“Tom is a quiet character who has had a crush on Lucy for some time and he gets a bit down-hearted when she becomes friendly with Dwight, an American airman.”

Danny Miller began acting at the tender age of just 5, taking part in local productions, but was then quickly snapped up by an acting agency when he was 14. A year after that he was cast as Kyle Brown in Grange Hill, which he played for a year.

After that Danny starred in one episode of Waterloo Road and one episode of Coronation Street, before landing the role as Aaron Livesy after a dry spell:

“I’d been for so many auditions and was told I wasn’t right for the part — quite frankly I was struggling.

“I was out of work for six months and then I worked for my uncle for a year doing office admin.

“I was at home with Mum and Dad and auditioning for small parts and not getting them. It was soul destroying.”

“I decided I was making Emmerdale my last audition. I was fed-up and felt I’d had enough.

“I got the part and it was a turning point that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Now I can’t help but think it was meant to be.”

On the future of his Emmerdale career the actor, who brought home many awards for the show, teased that we may not have seen the last of Aaron who left the show last year, running away from police to start a new life in France:

“They might decide they want to bring Aaron back — you just never know, so I’d never say never.”

But for now, Danny’s fans can look forward to seeing him star alongside Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp in the popular ITV police series, Scott & Bailey, in which he has landed a role as their boss, DS Rob Waddington, of which he says:

“It came out of nowhere and I’m really excited about it.

“But going in as Suranne and Lesley’s boss is terrifying!”

One thing you most certainly won’t be seeing Danny in, however, is I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here – because he is terrified of spiders!

According to the star, he has already been invited to take part in the hit ITV reality show, but respectfully declined, explaining:

“Don’t get me wrong, I find it very entertaining.

“I just don’t like spiders, I don’t know why. I turn into a little schoolgirl!

“It’s a manly scream, obviously, but if anyone witnessed it, it would destroy my tough-guy image for good!”

Watch a This Morning interview with Danny in the clip below: