Former Hollyoaks actor, Simon Morris, jailed for eight years for ‘sleepwalk’ rape!

by Anna Howell

Former Hollyoaks actor, Simon Morris, has been jailed for eight years for the rape he claims he committed in his sleep!

We reported back in December last year how the Daily Mirror revealed that Morris, who has also starred in the Michael Caine film Shiner, claimed to have no memory of the alleged attack, which he originally denied until he was presented with DNA evidence, and said that it must have happened whilst he was asleep!

According to the actor he suffers from a condition called sexsomnia, which causes him to gyrate against door frames and have sex with partners in his sleep, and it was while he was having an episode of this that the rape occurred, he claimed.

Mr Morris told the jury: “I once engaged in sexual activity with a recent ex-girlfriend. I climbed on top of her in the middle of a night in a blank state.

“I have also had partial sex with my current partner and gyrated against her leg.”

Prosecutor Sue Ferrier called his sexsomnia claim “feeble excuses to escape the inevitable” and said that Morris had instead taken an interest in the teenager during a party in Newport, Gwent, last year, winking at her, pouring her drinks for her and offering for her to stay with him.

The girl, un-named for legal reasons, then passed out drunk on cocktails and was put to bed by her father, who was also at the party. The girl was then moved onto another bed by Morris, who had gone up to check on her. When her father then tried to wake the girl at 6am to go home as she was fast asleep.

However, later at 6.30am the girl said she had been raped.

The 15-year-old gave a statement, which was read out to the court, in which she described waking to see Morris standing in front of her, touching her sexually before having sex with her.

Morris’ girlfriend gave evidence to back up his claims, admitting that he had once tried to have sex with her while he was asleep and Mr Morris said he had undergone testing at a sleep clinic in Edinburgh to try to understand what could have happened.

However, it did not take the jury long to reach a guilty verdict after the trial had finished, and today it has been reported by the Sun newspaper that the shamed actor, who starred in Hollyoaks in 2001, has been sentenced to eight years in prison and ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

Addressing Morris as he handed out the sentence, judge Daniel Williams said: “You told an endless number of glib lies. You were unrelenting in your pursuit of your victim.”