Four Rooms – antique gameshow – coming to Channel 4

In a brand new eight-part series, four of Britain’s top dealers in art, antiques and collectibles wait in four separate rooms, each prepared to spend their own personal fortunes if the right item comes through their door. From memorabilia to a mummified mermaid, art to antiques, members of the public have come to sell their prized possessions hoping to walk away with a life-changing amount of money. But to do so, they have to work out when to sell and when to see the next dealer, because once they leave the room the offer is off the table for good.

In a gripping game of risk, ambition, and sometimes plain delusion, the sellers give everything they’ve got to persuade the dealers that their treasure is the real deal, while the dealers have to figure out what the real value of the item is. This test of nerves will no doubt dash some hopes, but for others, could lead to a bigger win than they could have ever of dreamt of.

Four Rooms provides a unique insight into the compelling world of how deals are struck, as well as fascinating information and history about a dazzling and surprising array of objects. The eight-part series starts on Tuesday 24 May, at 8pm.

Presented by Anita Rani (Watchdog, The One Show) the series introduces dealer experts Emma Hawkins, Andrew Lamberty, Jeff Salmon and Gordon Watson.

Four Rooms is a talkbackTHAMES production for Channel 4.

Tanya Shaw, Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 said: “Four Rooms is real edge-of-your-seat viewing with some spectacular, jaw-dropping moments. The range of artefacts and cultural items we see on the programme is phenomenal and it provides a fascinating insight into the arts market and the usually closed-world of the dealers.”

Claudia Lewis, Head of Specialist Factual Features, talkbackTHAMES comments: “One of the most exciting things about the show is that it contains amazing nuggets of information, all told through people’s stories and relationships with the item they’re selling. So audiences can find out about everything from Victorian taxidermy to pop art, to celebrity memorabilia, while riding the rollercoaster ride of finding out who is about to walk away with a life changing amount of money.”