Four Weddings returns to Living!

by Lisa McGarry

The original and best reality wedding show returns to LIVING’s screens and is bigger and better than ever. Four Weddings launches this November and has gone international with the first episode stomping down the aisle in four different countries as England, Spain, Germany and the US of A brides battle it out. This series there will also be Vegas-style ceremonies, Gypsy blessings, Orthodox Jewish weddings, an anti-wedding, a deaf wedding and the ultimate fairytale wedding.

There is also a celebrity special episode featuring magician and now Strictly Come Dancing star Paul Daniels renewing his vows with wife Debbie McGee, Big Brother’s Spencer Smith marrying his fiancé Jo Ellison, Shameless actress Tina Malone and glamour girl Lyndsey Dawn MacKenzie. Who will win in the wedding TV show that separates the boring from the bridezillas? The winning celebrity will donate money to their charity of choice.

Each episode sees four brides-to-be put their special day under scrutiny, inviting three rival brides to critique their nuptials, all in a bid to win every newlywed’s dream prize – a luxury honeymoon. Cameras will be tracking our eager to impress brides as each and every element goes under the spotlight. The couples will have to score highly on the dress, the venue, the catering and the overall presentation. Who can stage the perfect day, and who will be in the throws of wedding day disasters?

Episode 1 – November 9th, 9pm:

Episode One sees four brides vying for victory and this time it’s featuring brides from four separate countries. From Spain, we have fiery Flamenco lover Dr Christina who has planned a ceremony from 8pm til’ dawn – will the other brides keep up with the Mediterranean partying? Her budget is £19,500. 31-year old American paramedic Misty is having a traditional Texan wedding for the bargain price of £3,900, that her husband insists will be ‘bigger and better’ than anyone else’s because it’s in Texas. 30 year old Anna, is the episode’s German competitor who promises lots of good food and, as in keeping with tradition, to drink a shot with every table of guests at her wedding. Her ‘Deutschland do’ will cost around £6,700. And, finally flying the flag for the typically English wedding is 30 year old Lyndsey from Kent, who wants the fairytale for the bargain price of £12,000. Which country’s wedding style will impress the other brides the most, and which cultures and traditions will clash? International marriage isn’t for the feint-hearted…