Frankie Episode Two: Frankie ploughs herself into work after discovering what Ian did on the night of her birthday

by Matt D


As the BBC1’s new nursing drama continues, Frankie finds her world collapse around her after discovering what Ian did on the night of her birthday.

As a distraction, Frankie ploughs herself into her work and spends a lot of time with terminally ill Liana, who is dying of Motor Neurone Disease. Liana’s wish was to die at her home with her husband Joseph and their dog, listening to John Martyn and drinking champagne. However these plans change when Joseph suffers a heart attack and is taken into hospital. Joseph doesn’t want to leave his wife as he fears she’ll be taken into a hospice, thankfully Frankie arranges for Joseph to return that night. But little does Frankie know that she has set in motion a series of events that have serious repercussions for everyone involved.


Meanwhile Andy is called out to visit oil worker Max who has an infected amputated leg. Andy has been refusing to go to his dressing clinics and doesn’t seem to want to leave his flat. His girlfriend Mellie is sick of looking after him, but they both feel trapped. Andy tries his best to make Max reconnect with his life but eventually his frustrations boil over and the police are called, which inadvertently brings Frankie and Ian face to face.

Also this week, Mary tries to convince one of her patients, Mrs Khan, to stop working so hard at home. She’s convinced that Mrs Khan is exacerbating her diabetes by cooking rich food for the men of the house. Frustrated by what appears to be a language barrier, Mary brings in an interpreter and discovers that she has misread the situation altogether.

Through all of her issues, Frankie realises she can rely on the friendship and support of her team to see her through difficult times, but she soon realises that not everybody is really on her side.

Frankie continues tonight on BBC1 at 9pm

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