Fred West’s daughter criticises ITV for producing drama

by Anna Howell

The daughter of serial killer, Fred West, Anne Marie Davis, has spoken out about ITV’s plans to release a drama based on her father.

The show, Appropriate Adult, stars Dominic West and Emily Watson, and focuses on the period between Fred’s arrest and subsequent suicide, focussing on his relationship with his social worker, Janet Leach.

Anne Marie has never spoken about her parents, Fred and Rosemary West who murdered several young girls (including one of their daughters) over several decades, but has said she feels she now has to speak out in order to try and convince network bosses to pull the plug and save much heart ache for the families of those who died.

The Guardian reports that Davis is unhappy that the drama is being produced.

“I felt physically sick when I heard about the plans to turn the tragic events which devastated so many people’s lives into a TV drama,” she said. “I haven’t spoken about this for ten years, and the only reason I am speaking now is because I want ITV to realise they will be causing unimaginable distress to the families of the young girls who were murdered.

“No-one should kid themselves. The object of this drama is to make money. But the programme makers have to recognise that a lot of vulnerable young women died. They were real people and their loved ones are real people too who are still suffering and their wounds will only be reopened by a TV drama like this.”

She continued: “I have had customers [in the supermarket where I work] come up to me and say, ‘Is there anything you can do to stop this programme, or anything we can do?’ All I can say is that a lot of women and young girls lost their lives in desperately tragic circumstances and they deserve to be remembered – not to be seen as mere public property.”

However, a spokesperson for ITV defended the drama, saying: “We have sought to contact as many relatives and victims as we could with assistance from the police, to let them know about the project and try to address any concerns they may have. We have conducted dozens of interviews with individuals directly involved in the case over several years.

“It is certainly not ITV’s wish to cause distress to the families of the Wests’ victims, or their children, and Appropriate Adult does not contain any recreation of the actual crimes themselves. But we believe the factual drama is a valid form in which to explore and throw new light on real events.”