Fringe News! Fox picks up fifth season – sixth on another network?

It’s the news that Fringe fans worldwide have been waiting for, Fox have picked the sci-fi drama up for a fifth season.

At one point it looked likely that the cult favourite would be axed by the US TV network, among reports of falling ratings and some criticisms of confusing storylines, however executive producer Joel Wyman confirmed that the channel have picked up a fifth season, though only for 13 episodes at first.

He tweeted:

OFFICIALLY PICKED UP FOR 13 EPISODES! Our team thanks FOX/WB and our INCREDIBLE fans for their support. JHW/JP/AG

Of course we would have liked a longer series to bring an end to this amazing franchise, however we imagine most fans will be delighted that bosses will be allowed to wrap up their plots, relationships and storylines fully, instead of rushing a conclusions at the end of the current season.

Producers had already shot two endings for the finale of the fourth season, obviously concerned that Fox would ditch them this year. One was to wrap up Fringe entirely, bringing to a conclusion the tale of two realities and all the freaky stuff that went with it.

The alternative ending – which is what we will now see – allowed for the continuation of the plots in a fifth series. Of course hope is not lost for a sixth run and there has been the usual talk of the series continuing on another network, but for now, we’re not getting our hopes up too much. There has also been speculation that the story will continue in comic book form, as was the case with both Smallville and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

As a long term fan Fringe, I am hoping that the showrunners take this opportunity and run with it fully, bringing all the madness and mind bendingness they can find to the final few episodes. We want some real answers to the (hundreds?) of questions that have arisen during the past four runs and especially during the last few episodes and we think we really want Peter and Olivia to get a truly happy and perhaps even fairytale like happy ending.

It’s not too much to ask for is it?

If you have missed much of the current – or any – of Fringe, then make sure to check out our ‘Beginners Guide To Fringe’ before tuning in for the final season. We’ll get you up to speed!

Also, check out the video that Wyman posted earlier today. Leave all speculation below…