Fringe Spoilers: S4 Ep20 Worlds Apart teasers, promo, new pictures

After the last mind blowing and confusingly brilliant episode of Fringe, we are on edge of our seat, waiting to see what happens in our favourite show next, so this trailer could not have come soon enough!

We found out more in the 19th installment more about how the “Observers” are in charge of just about everything so we can’t wait to see where this storyline is going to lead, as we draw close to the season finale.

‘Worlds Apart’ is due to explode onto Fox this Friday night – 27th April – and the official synopsis states that both sides will be fighting for the same cause, but viewers will be ‘shocked’ by plot developments, concerning the Cortexiphan children.

In the last episode fans were left with many questions about what happened to Olivia and what was around the corner for her, however in the 20th installment the Fringe teams will face a much more immediate issue, leaving them putting their worries about the future on hold for now.

Peter and co now have to deal with what David Robert Jones is planning for both universes.

In the promo video below Jones is featured using the Cortexiphan children to trigger events all around the globe.

Walter tries to explain his methods, saying David is “trying to collapse both universes to create a world controlled by him.” This is where the two sides come together and try to combat the problem jointly, which should be great fun when you consider the possibilities of two Walters in the room at once!

The team need to decide whether to turn off the machine with all the risk that brings, or try to come up with another plan of attack in a very short time frame.

Olivia ominously reveals:

“In less than six hours everything we know will cease to exist.”

No pressure then!

Friday, April 27 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.