Gadget Geeks coming to Sky 1

Sky 1 HD today announces GADGET GEEKS, a brand new 12-part factual series exclusively for Sky 1 HD.

Gadget fever is currently at a peak in the UK, across the country people clamour to have the latest smart-phone, tablet computer or high-end electronics. But the baffling array of technology and gadgets on offer can sometimes leave consumers puzzled about what exactly is right for them.

GADGET GEEKS will bring a team of gadget experts to address every day people’s gadget and technology based problems, queries and desires.

Whatever you might need the gadget gurus can help – be it building a unique bespoke object from scratch, upgrading an everyday object and injecting some new tech or even by reviewing all the coolest high-end consumer tech and suggesting the perfect gadget for specific needs.

Together the gadget experts and technical boffins – will suggest, tweak or build the technology as requested by viewers. Our gadget experts are four of the most clued-up technology experts in the UK with their fingers on the pulse of all the current and upcoming tech trends. Our boffins, however, get their hands dirty – cannibalising old technology or whatever they can get their hands on to create the perfect gadget for any problem.

Vikki Cook, Commissioning Editor, Factual at Sky commented:
“Gadgets and technology are an integral part of everyone’s life and with such a bewildering array on offer it can be tricky for consumers to know what is right for them. GADGET GEEKS will match people up with the perfect solution to their tech needs – and if that means we have to create it from scratch then we will!”

MD of Bullseye, Ed Crick, said:
“It’s fantastic to have been able to devise, with Sky, an original, effective and entertaining way of tackling the world of tech. We will break some great new talent, push lots of buttons and turn it up to 11… this is going to be a lot of fun.”

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