Game Of Thrones cast Coldplay drummer, Will Champion, for series 3!

by Anna Howell

Coldplay drummer Will Champion is set to have a cameo role in the new series of Game Of Thrones, so the Metro reports.

According to the publication Champion, who comes from Southampton, Hampshire, will mimic life with art as he takes on the role of a drummer in the hugely popular Sky Atlantic fantasy drama.

Details of Champion’s exact part are yet to be confirmed, but the musician, who is best known for being part of the award-winning alternative rock group, Coldplay, is said to appear in the new series which returns to Sky Atlantic next year.

Will Champion

And it would seem that British rock stars are somewhat of a theme for this much anticipated new series, as Snow Patrol lead singer Gary Lightbody, who was cast in a cameo role last summer, has also been confirmed to appear in epic show, produced by HBO, though no details have been confirmed yet either.

Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody on The Game Of Thrones set

The filming for the third series of Game Of Thrones began in July ready for its US March premier, and has taken part in several locations, including Northern Ireland, Croatia, Iceland and Morocco.

In this new series fans can expect to see many new characters including Mance Rayder (Ciaran Hinds), Jojen Reed (Thomas Sangster), Meera Reed (Ellie Kendrick), Brynden Tully a.k.a. the Blackfish (Clive Russell) and Olenna Tyrell a.k.a. the Queen of Thorns (Diana Rigg).

Show runner David Benioff explained to aceshowbiz the producer’s previous decision not to introduce too many characters at a time, commenting: “If you hurl 300 characters at an audience, the story collapses under the weight of too many faces, too many names, and too many subplots.”

“We need to be just as mindful of the audience members who have never read the books as we are of the readers; the series will fail if we only appeal to those who already know the characters. So we try to be parsimonious about how many new roles we introduce to the story and when we introduce them.”

Watch an interview with Will in the clip below:

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on March 31, 2013 and airs on Sky Atlantic in the UK.