Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister): ‘I don’t watch Game of Thrones’


Peter Dinklage who plays fan favourite, Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones has revealed that he doesn’t watch the show…

There is indeed an explanation as to why he doesn’t watch it, but, with someone on showbiz-rates, we’re more than positive he can afford to watch it!

Speaking to TMZ about the hit TV series, Dinklage said he doesn’t watch the show when asked his opinion on the shocking Red Wedding episode.

He said: “I don’t watch the show. I mean, I don’t have HBO”.

He then went on to joke that he recorded the Red Wedding episode nearly a year ago, “That was, like, a year ago for me”.


Not something to really admit that you don’t watch your own show, not to mention admitting you don’t subscribe to HBO. We’d have at least made up an elaborate lie about partying.

Meanwhile, David Bennioff, Game of Thrones writer and executive producer has said that there’s a “ticking clock” when it comes to producing the forthcoming seasons due to some of the younger characters growing up, along with the feeling that they don’t want to overstay their welcome on HBO.

He told Entertainment Weekly: “We can’t wait too long because of the kids.

“Isaac’s [Hempstead Wright] voice is changing. Everyone is getting bigger. We have this wonderful cast, but we don’t have an infinite amount of time… We don’t want to become a show that outstays its welcome and tries to turn each book into three seasons. Part of what we love about these books and the show is the sense of momentum and building toward something.


“If we tried to turn this into a 10-season show we’d strangle the golden goose”.

There is also worry that the forthcoming sixth and seventh books may not be on shelves in time for the annual TV series production schedule, which makes it hard for cast and crew of the show. George R.R. Martin, author of the books, has reportedly told the showrunners where he’s going with the yet unpublished books, but wouldn’t feel comfortable with the series going ahead without the books being on the shelves.

Elsewhere, Game of Thrones producer, Frank Doelger has also said that the show could last for as long as seven seasons, with the number of seasons currently being discussed.

Speaking to the Radio times, Doelger said: “[The number of seasons] is being discussed as we speak. The third season was the first half of book three, season four will be the second part of book three. George R.R. Martin has written books four and five; six and seven are pending.

“I would hope that, if we all survive, and if the audience stays with us we’ll probably get through seven seasons”.