Game Of Thrones season 2 news: Peter Dinklage found filming in Northern Ireland ‘humbling’

by Lisa McGarry

Peter Dinklage has admitted that it was an entirely different experience to film Game Of Thrones in the Northern Irish countryside, to working in a sound set in America.

Dinklage won himself an Emmy last year, for his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister in the hit HBO drama, and admitted that he finds the hard work of filming in the rural areas of County Antrim and Down, a very ‘humbling’ experience.

The cast of Game Of Thrones spent much of the summer and autumn in Belfast and it’s surrounding areas, filming season two of the show and speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Peter explained:

“I love that show. I love everybody that I work with. Sometimes as an actor you can get a bit spoiled working in America, so when you work over in the rough countryside of Northern Ireland, it’s sort of humbling. I like working hard.”

The 42 year old actor had concentrated mainly on his movie work in recent years, having starred in Hollywood films such as The Station Agent, Elf, Underdog, Find Me Guilty, Death at a Funeral and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian since 2003.

However he admitted that the writing quality of Game Of Thrones drew him back into the land of TV drama and explained:

“It’s a great season. I was opposed to doing TV for a long time because I thought the quality of writing wasn’t very strong, as opposed to film, but there’s been a shift in term of the quality of scripts. HBO has attracted a tremendous amount of great writing talent.”

Yesterday a new trailer was released for Game Of Thrones season two and we have to admit, the anticipation of the new series made the hairs stand up on the back of our neck. In the clip, Stannis Baratheon declares his intent to rule the seven kingdoms. You can read more about his declaration and watch the full promo here.

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