Game Of Thrones season 2 spoilers: David Benioff & D.B. Weiss are getting ‘no rest’ while working on new worlds

Game Of Thrones won’t be back on our screens for almost a year, but the interest surrounding the HBO show is still immense.

The cast and crew will soon be setting up camp in Belfast and starting filming on the second season of the hit drama and showrunners David Benioff & D.B. Weiss have revealed that there is a lot of work to be done.

The body count was high during the first run and many major characters were killed off, so as well as introducing new worlds to the show’s audience, writers also had to bring in ‘dozens’ of new faces.

On whether or not it was easy to approach the second series, because they already had a novel to work from (of course Game Of Thrones is based on the ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ series of books by George R.R Martin) Weiss explained:

It’s good we don’t have to build the stuff we’ve already built. But there are approximately six or seven new worlds that we have to build from scratch. So…we’re feeling a huge sense of excitement, let’s say, about being able to go forward and do it all over again in what is hopefully an even more effective expansion of the world we’ve already created.

Benioff added:

It’s not like a traditional show where you’ve got your cast from Season 1, with maybe a few new people for Season 2, but basically you’re set. We’ve got dozens of new characters to bring in, some of them with very important roles to play. And we’ve got all sorts of new worlds to introduce the audience to. From Harrenhal, this legendary and haunted old castle, to Qarth, the city where Daenerys spends much of the season. And on and on. It seems like just as much work, despite the fact that there was so much preparation for Season 1. But there’s no rest right now.

The men previously revealed that they will deviate from the books in several key storylines during season two, for more details click here.

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