Game of Thrones season 3: Maisie Williams says her character Arya “really cares” about Gendry


The lovely Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark in Game of Thrones has spoken out about her on-screen relationship with Gendry.

Williams’ character has formed quite a bond with Gendry in the past, who is played by Joe Dempsie.

When asked by Vulture if a little more than “friendship” will come of the relationship between Arya and Gendry, Williams said she didn’t know. Producers wanted her character to hint like something could be going down between the pair, but let’s not forget – her character isn’t that old.

She said: “In the second season, they wanted me to hint at it a little bit. I think she does kind of… I mean, I don’t know if she’s old enough to really know what it is she’s feeling, but she knows she really cares about this guy”.


Arya is the youngest Stark daughter in the series and Williams was quite young when she began filming season 1 – just 13 years of age. Now, a little bit older (aged 16), she feels that her character may well be ready to have a bit of a ‘love life’. However, she admits that Arya has never had a crush before due to her young age, therefore, she’s not quite sure what she wants, but there could be a sense of naivety.

“I think it’s possible, definitely! Everyone always sees Arya as a tomboy, but she’s never been in that situation before. She’s never had a crush. Now she realises what Sansa’s talking about. She’s just not really quite sure what it is.” She admitted.


The actress added that she will miss working with Dempsie.

Meanwhile, in a previous interview, the 16-year-old star said that if she had it her way, Arya would travel alone from now on.

“Arya should be on her own. Maybe she sees her family again, but a lot has happened – she’s seen so many things that it’s never going to be the same” she said “She’d be safe because she’s so dangerous and people don’t want to mess with her. That’s how I see her ending up. Not home with her family, because that’s just… that’s so boring.

“It’d be cool if she was still out there kicking ass, but not just being ‘badass’. I’m talking a middle path”.

Game of Thrones continues tonight on HBO in the US and airs on Sky Atlantic tomorrow in the UK.