Game of Thrones season 3 The Climb spoilers: Jon faces a terrifying climb as Melisandre visits the Riverlands


This evening see’s another gripping episode of Game of Thrones as Jon Snow is going to experience a terrifying climb. We have all the teasers and spoilers round-up ahead of this evenings episode.

So, as we reported earlier in the week, Jon, Ygritte and co have a terrifying and daunting climb up the wall, with Jon admitting to Ygritte that he’s pretty scared of what lies ahead.

When she notices that he is scared out of his wits, he snaps: “aren’t you?” The only advice he has been given to climb the wall is “Sink your metal deep, if you fall, don’t scream”.


The official synopsis released by HBO this week states that “Tywin plans strategic unions for the Lannisters”. This will most likely be a continuation of last week’s episode in which he said that Tyrion was marrying Sansa and Cersei Loras, regardless of that they thought.

However, Tywin still needs to get the Tyrells to agree with the plan.

What we also know about episode 7, which airs on May 19th is that the Sansa-Tyrion marriage does indeed go ahead, but Shae isn’t happy so there may well be some trouble on the way.

Tonight’s episode will also see Jamie’s fate decided on, when Roose Bolton comes to terms with what to do with him.


In the teaser that has been released, we see Robb trying his best to get back in the good books of the Freys, but that may only be possible with a compromise and it isn’t about what Lord Frey wants, it’s who! He wants the Freys to side with him, but it isn’t going to be easy.

Lord Bolton claims Robb is keeping Tywin Lannister busy and he would be quite right to assume so. “Robb is keeping your father quite busy, he doesn’t have time for anything else”.

Jamie reassures him by telling him “he’ll make time for you”, as Brienne prevents him from reaching for a knife.

Theon is told if he is expecting a happy ending, then he hasn’t “been paying attention” as he continues to be tortured.

Finally, Melisandre will visit the Riverlands in tonight’s episode. Could she be going to see the Brotherhood Without Banners?


Meanwhile, Rose Leslie who plays Ygritte has said that her character doesn’t really trust Jon but still respects him.

She said in an interview: She is still very skeptical of whether he truly has become a wildling. But she respects him hugely. She understands the leap that he had to take by killing Qhorin Halfhand, and she would be fool to think that wouldn’t be incredibly difficult. … She knows that his only true friend in the community is herself. … He’s dependent on her.”

Despite their first encounter being all a rouse and part of a cover, she said that the pair do have strong feelings for each other: “It is a tempestuous relationship, like all relationships. It is wonderful that they understand one another or are beginning to. They are equals, and there’s a lot of passion between the two of them.”

Check out the teaser for tonight’s episode, below: