Game Of Thrones season two spoilers: David Benioff and Dan Weiss planning surprises for fans of ‘A Song Of Fire And Ice’ books

Game Of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have revealed that they are planning to deviate slightly from their source material, so they can shock those who have already read the books.

The writing team are about to start filming on the second season of the hit HBO show in Belfast, Northern Ireland and in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald were asked if they agreed with True Blood boss Alan Ball, when he said that he deviated from the novels his series is based on, so that fans couldn’t reveal too many spoilers online.

Of course Game Of Thrones is based on the popular fantasy novel series ‘A Song Of Fire And Ice’ and on how they plan to manage their source material, in conjunction with the second series, Weiss explained:

It’s a tough thing for us because the landmark scenes and plot points are what drew us to the story to begin with, so deviating from some of them would be deviating from what we love about the story. By and large the fans have been very good about self-policing and making sure that when the show is being discussed on messageboards everybody knows they’re discussing the show and not the books and to not ruin it for people who are coming to the show fresh.

However, Benioff went on to tease:

I think that in the second season there will be more surprises for the readers because as Alan Ball says, you don’t want people to go in smugly thinking they know every single thing that’s going to happen. And so we’re gonna throw in a few surprises … We’re going to kill everyone.

We can only hope he was joking with that last comment!

In other news, creator of the Song And Ice series George R.R. Martin has revealed that he will be penning an episode of the second season of Game Of Throne and admitted that he would be plagued by budgetary constraints when telling the tale of The Battle Of Blackwater.