Game Of Thrones Spoilers: Bosses say increased budget will mean more battles and direwolves in season 2!

Game of Thrones bosses David Benioff and DB Weiss have revealed that fans can look forward to more big scale battles and grandiose scenes in season two of the HBO drama.

The executives admitted that due to their small budget, they were constrained in what they could include in the initial run of the show. However, when the cast and crew return to Belfast to begin filming next month, they will be approaching things on a larger scale.

Benioff told how they were forced to compromise on various decision in season one, saying:

“Ultimately we had to make some really tough decisions. We much rather have a great scene with our characters than a crappy version of the battle.”

“We want to have some great battles, we’re working very hard to have great battles in season two. We’d like to have more direwolves too.”

Weiss added: “There’s so many things we can do so much better than films. But there are a few things like battles and creatures where there’s a brute force financial component to doing those well, and it involves being very creative and selective about how you show those things to make them achievable.

“We don’t want them to look like a PlayStation 2 game, we want it to look at the same level as the rest of the show.”

On how they would manage to shoot season two, incorporating the cost of the CGI dragons, he added:

“It’s going to be a season of tough choices. We have dragons, we have direwolves growing, we have massive battles. Despite the various character deaths, we have a growing cast of characters – all this with the same amount of time to shoot it.”

And on how the menacing direwolves will be brought to life on screen, Weiss commented: “It will be a combination of real dogs and visual effects and any other way we can make it work.”