Game Of Thrones Spoilers: Rose Leslie says Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is dependant on Ygritte and Emilia Clarke Heads to Futurama!


After Game Of Thrones fans saw Ygritte and Jon Snow finally give into their rather obvious sexual chemistry, Rose Leslie who plays Ygritte has opened up about their future relationship.

Fans of the hit HBO fantasy series will know how, unbeknown to Ygritte, Jon has joined the wilding ranks as a double agent for the Night’s Watch, and their romp (which he broke his vow of celibacy for) was just part of his cover.

Speaking to, Leslie said of the encounter:

“There never is really a carefree relationship happening in Westeros at the moment, which I suppose is the nature of the show.”

However, the flame-haired actress went on to explain that, despite not fully trusting Jon, she still respects him hugely, and acknowledges that he is dependent on her:

“She is still very skeptical of whether he truly has become a wildling. But she respects him hugely. She understands the leap that he had to take by killing Qhorin Halfhand, and she would be fool to think that wouldn’t be incredibly difficult. … She knows that his only true friend in the community is herself. … He’s dependent on her.”


And, despite the fact that their encounter was part of a cover, Leslie still insists that the pair have genuine feelings for each other:

“It is a tempestuous relationship, like all relationships. It is wonderful that they understand one another or are beginning to. They are equals, and there’s a lot of passion between the two of them.”


Elsewhere Leslie’s GOT co-star Emilia Clarke has landed a part in the season finale of Futurama, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Clarke, who plays the Mother of Dragons Daenerys “Stormborn” Targaryen, will voice the part of a new love interest for Dr. Zoidberg – a flower seller with no sense of smell!

According to the publication Clarke’s voice will appear for the penultimate and final episode of series seven, due to air in the US on September 4th.

Watch an interview with Rose Leslie and Emilia Clarke in the clip below: