Game Of Thrones: Sean Bean really has his doubts that Jon Snow is Ed Stark’s son!

by Martin
Game of Thrones - Jon Snow
Ned Stark in Game Of Thrones

Sean Bean as Ned Stark

If you watch HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’, an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s books, then you’ll know of Jon Snow who is portrayed by Kit Harington.

In ‘Game Of Thrones’ we actually don’t know who Jon Snow’s mother is, and throughout the show he is known as Ed Stark’s ‘bastard son’ – and seemingly he doesn’t know much either.

It’s been a big question for quite some time now “Who really is Jon Snow’s mother?” and is probably something that has been asked long before the TV show began airing, probably as early as the books themselves.

Now, Sean Bean, who portrayed Ned Stark in the hit HBO show has told fans that he likes the theory that Jon Snow really isn’t Ned’s son.

Bean sat down recently for an interview with HuffPost Live, in which a fan of the show, and the books asked if he believed Ned Stark was really the father of Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones - Jon Snow

Jon Snow – Kit Harington

The fan asking the question pointed out that various theories appear to be pointing to the fact that he is more likely to be his uncle.

As we all know George R.R. Martin isn’t one for giving much away, and Sean admitted that once again he doesn’t really know the truth.

He explained “that’s one of those secrets series author George R.R. Martin keeps pretty close to his chest” and added that while it’s been teased, it’s something that can’t be revealed.

Bean went on to add that he’s got suspicions of his own and doubts that Jon Snow is really his son but as expected, you never really know until it happens.

What do you think? Could Jon Snow really be Ed Stark’s son? Will we ever find out, will we discover who is mother is or will that be something we’ve always left wondering?