Game of Thrones Series 5 Spoilers: Is Emilia Clarke leaving? Who could replace her? Find out here….

Breaker of Chains

Breaker of Chains

The end of series four of Game of Thrones looked slightly dubious for a few characters, making us question their involvement in the fifth series when the show returns next year, but we can hand on heart say that Daenerys was not one of them, in our opinion.

So imagine our surprise when the Sunday Times newspaper reported that Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen had quit the show.


Initial reports suggested that, rather than her character being written out, Emilia herself would be replaced by a different actress, an action so unthinkable it made us shudder.

But fear not, Gawker has reported what they claim to have a direct quote from HBO spokesperson Mara Mikialian denying this completely, telling the publication:

“Absolutely untrue. She’s absolutely back for season 5.”

We weren’t the only ones left reeling by the possibility either, the internet was awash of upset fans all questioning the news which lead to the original article actually being a replaced with an announcement stating that the report was “just a joke.”

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Well, we weren’t laughing, that’s for sure.

Of course those diehard fans amongst us who have already read all the Song of Ice and Fire series, the original George RR Martin books the hugely popular HBO show is based on, will know that Dany’s story is far from over, though things could become a bit fraught for her next series when the slaves she released from their chains rebel against her interference and end up trying to have her assassinated!

Don’t worry though, if the books are anything to go by, the mother of Dragons manages to escape on the back of one of her scaly children…

But, just in case the reports turn out to be true in the end, and Clarke does leave the show, we have done some digging around to give HBO some options with regards as to who might replace her – Check out our ‘Dandidates’ below:

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