Game of Thrones spoilers: Sky Atlantic to show EVERY episode this Christmas!

by Anna Howell


Even those who don’t like Christmas will be appreciative that it’s on its way after hearing this new Game Of Thrones announcement.

Sky Atlantic are giving us possibly the best Christmas present in the history of all time as they have announced that they are to show EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of Game of Thrones over the festive season.

The hit HBO fantasy series will be shown in its entirety, from the very first episode of series one, right up to the final episode of series four – What better way to freshen up ready for series 5 in the Spring?

Just think, rather than tuning in to the same old Christmas movies or top “800 greatest ever ” everything you can instead tune in to Sky Atlantic from Saturday 21st December for eleven days where you will be entertained by between three or four episodes of Game of Thrones.

Relive the epic and gruesome Red Wedding, the heart-breaking death of Khal Drogo and the last blood-tear tantrum of King Joffrey as Sky Atlantic hand delivers you a first class ticket to Westeros this Christmas.

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And who could pass up the opportunity to rewind Tywin being shot by his own son Tyrion whilst having some time out on the pooper, over and over again?

If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones (shame on you) or know someone who should have but hasn’t got around to it yet, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourselves and them to this amazing show!

And just in case you thought this was a little gimmick from Sky to get you to buy the full package in time for Christmas, you can now “dip in and out” as you chose with a NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass.

The NOW TV Entertainment Pass, which viewers can subscribe to for just £6.99 a month, allows customers to stream Sky’s most popular channels, including Sky Atlantic, without a contract.

Merry Christmas!