Game of Thrones & Walking Dead are THIS popular but it’s not all good!

by Martin
Game of Thrones has the title for a third year

Game of Thrones has the title for a third year

Fans are eagerly awaiting the return of popular HBO show ‘Game of Thrones’ for its fifth season which is due to air on our screens next spring.

It isn’t all good news for creators and those making money off the franchise though because the show has once again been named the most pirated TV Show of the year – for a third year running – something that can’t sit well with its producers and cast.

Despite the team and network’s best efforts, people are still reaching out to torrent sites to get their hands on the latest episode and this is reflected in the Top 10 list from TorrentFreak.

Using data from a number of BitTorrent trackers, the HBO show tops the list with an estimated 8.1 illegal downloads throughout 2014.

Breaker of Chains

Piracy is still causing a massive headache for television shows

This isn’t surprising though, as it was reported earlier in the year that one single torrent – the season four finale – was being shared by 250,000 people at the one time.

Close behind ‘Game of Thrones’ according to TorrentFreak is AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ which has reportedly been downloaded 4.8 million times throughout 2014.

Meanwhile in third place is CBS quirky comedy ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which has been downloaded via a number of torrent sites 3.9 million times.

Popular CBS comedy ‘How I Met Your Mother’ came to a shocking conclusion earlier in the year and was downloaded 3.5 million times while ‘Gotham’ finished in fifth place with 3.2 million times.

'Arrow' also features in the Top 10

‘Arrow’ also features in the Top 10

Outside the Top 5 a number of shows feature in the full list including The CW’s ‘Arrow’ which boasts 2.9 million illegal downloads throughout 2014.

Meanwhile, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ boasts 2.8 million illegal downloads and The History Channel’s ‘Vikings’ saw 2.7 million downloads throughout 2014.

Finally, completing the Top 10 of the Most Pirated Shows of the Year are ‘Suits’ with 2.5 million downloads and ‘South Park’ with 2.4 million illegal downloads.

We must remind you, although you already know this, that piracy is illegal and while people still continue to take part, it’s not recommended at all.