Gavin and Stacey ‘Tours’ occurrin’

A company which specialises in providing sight-seeing trips of famous venues has a new day out on its itinerary; a trip around Gavin and Stacey’s world.

The day trip apparently takes in a whopping eleven hours’ worth of travel around Barry, where of course the hit sitcom was set.

The stops on the trip will include the restaurant where Smithy found out about the baby, and the amusement hall where Nessa worked.

You can also nip into the services on the M4 if you fancy seeing where Smithy stopped off when he went from Barry to Essex.

And if all that’s not enough, the firm hosting the tours, Brit Movie Tours, will be playing back-to-back episodes of the show as you’re on the move.

Brit Movie Tours director, Lewis Swan, told the South Wales Echo, “There’s an increasing interest among the British to see where their favourite programmes and films were made.

“Gavin & Stacey is one of those shows that really tugged at the heartstrings, and it was done so naturalistically that it made the viewers feel like they actually knew these people.

“We only need 10 on board to make each trip viable, and we’ll keep putting it on provided we don’t start making a loss.

“I don’t think there’s any danger of that though.

“Gavin & Stacey has some pretty dedicated fans who aren’t going to be deterred by the 11-hour duration.

“We also encourage anyone who wants to to get dressed up as one of their favourite characters from the show.”

So if you fancy it, it’ll apparently set you back £65. S’alright innit like?

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