George Eads returning to CSI in November, and which Cartoon Network star has been cast on The Americans?

by Nick Barnes


Cartoon Networks’s Aimee Carrero is making her way across to FX drama, The Americans.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Level Up star will appear in a recurring role as a Sandinista freedom fighter.

Carrero, who had a series regular role on the popular Cartoon Network show, Level Up, will play the role of Chena, a smart yet impulsive Sandinista freedom fighter who “will go to any lengths to support her cause”, on The Americans.

Not a lot is known about how the second season of the hit show will progress, but according to casting, THR reports that the United States’ assistance of the Nicaraguan Contras will be among the historical events of the 1980s.

Other forthcoming work for the star includes ABC’s Young and hungry in which she will play the role of Tessa, the best friend of the main star of the show, Gabi – played by Emily Osment. Tessa has been described as an ambitious banking intern who is always hustling to make ends meet.

Elsewhere, it has been confirmed that George Eads is making his way back to CSI.


The actor took time away from the show back in August over a reported off-camera dispute, but it has been confirmed he will be returning to the show pretty soon.

Eads was last seen during the third episode of the current season which aired on October 9, and he will be seen returning on the November 20 episode. Unfortunately, his absence from the show will not be addressed, so it looks like we will never really find out what that dispute was over. Damn it!

But, with Eads being one of the very few original cast members left on the show, we imagine the producers kissed his feet and begged him to come back.

The American’s returns to FX in January.

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  1. fanofGeorge on October 20, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    Sad that a loyal employee was forced to sit out 5 episodes. He has been there since the beginning and he should be able to express his opinion as to the character he has made real without being punished. The writer and the showrunner should have sat out the 5 episodes. I won’t be watching while he is on forced LOA and I hope his loyal fans won’t either.

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