George R.R. Martin chose HBO because ‘sex is important’ to Game Of Thrones

George R.R. Martin has revealed that he chose HBO to air the adaptation of his popular series of fantasy novels, because he wanted to keep the sex in the scripts.

The 62 year old author is best known for his ‘A Song Of Fire And Ice’ books, which are the basis for hit TV series Game Of Thrones, now filming it’s second season.

Speaking to he explained that there is a lot of sexual content in the novels and he was keen that this would not be excessively watered down or cut, when the stories made the jump from print to screen.

Martin said:

One of the reasons I wanted to do this with HBO is that I wanted to keep the sex.

He also confessed that so keen was he to keep the illicit material in the show, that he had to change the age of many of his central characters, to make it more acceptable to viewers.

George added:

We had some real problems because Dany is only 13 in the books, and that’s based on medieval history. They didn’t have this concept of adolescence or the teenage years. You were a child or you were an adult. And the onset of sexual maturity meant you were an adult. So I reflected that in the books. But then when you go to film it you run into people going crazy about child pornography and there’s actual laws about how you can’t depict a 13 year old having sex even if you have an 18 year old acting the part — it’s illegal in the United Kingdom. So we ended up with a 22 year old portraying an 18 year old, instead of an 18 year old portraying a 13 year old. If we decided to lose the sex we could have kept the original ages. And once you change the age of one character you have to change the ages of all the characters, and change the date of the war [that dethroned the Mad King].

The fact we made all these changes indicates how important we thought sex was.

Martin also revealed that he will be penning the episode detailing ‘The Battle of the Blackwater’ in the second season of The Game Of Thrones, confessing that it will have to be adapted greatly and cleverly written, due to budget constraints.